Restorative Activism Project

The Restorative Activism Project is a free 15 week co-creative learning experience and global leadership program, for exploring and practicing restorative approaches to activism.

What is this unprecedented time asking of us?

For 50 years the mainstream largely disengaged from activism as issues of social, ecological, economic, and racial injustice persisted. Now, at this strange time that has shocked the world, there is more engagement than ever.

At this very moment, a leadership narrative of ‘us vs. them’ is being challenged by a fresh focus on unity. To be sure, there’s never been a greater need for us to come together as we face concurrent and dire challenges on multiple fronts. Yet even with our collective welfare at stake, we are likely to lose this greatest of opportunities to a paralysis caused by ideological divides. The challenge is to find ways to restore relationships across moral, political, racial and religious tribes that can safeguard and build strength from a diversity of views, without allowing systemic oppression to persist. 

So where are the people who are skilled at creating safe spaces to bridge our divides? Who can catalyze or facilitate conversations of mutual learning that nurture inspiring, inclusive, and practical possibilities?

This time asks for a new form of activism that is as focused on building bridges as it is on advocating for change. While we need voices that are willing to ring from the mountaintops, we also need ears that are ready to truly listen. To co-create a promising collective future, we need to develop the capacity to restore and nurture our relationships to ourselves, to one another, and to the planet. We need a revolutionary focus on dialogue that nurtures a collective reinvention of our co-existence. 

In short, to create greater unity and a thriving world, we need restorative activists. Everywhere.

What is the Restorative Activism Project?

This leadership program explores the deep inner work and communication skills that can build a solid foundation for sustainable, restorative, and effective activism. We will learn from each other’s wisdom, from prepared training materials, and from learning by doing.  There are 16 places available for participating in this 15 week dynamic learning experience

Here are the steps for you to gain your place.


Is this for you?

Explore this page to see if our ideas and approaches resonate with you. Restorative activism and its underlying philosophies can be jarring for some people and it's important you are as clear as possible about what you would be getting yourself into. If you sense this will support you and the good work that you do, go to the next step.

Apply for your place.

This is an application based program, offered for free to selected applicants. All applications are due by January 29th, 2021. With only 16 places available in this intimate global leadership program, selection will be guided by:

1) your demonstrated commitment to activism as an ongoing part of your life, and
2) our intention of curating a diverse, cross-silo learning group that represents a variety of issue areas, demographics and experience levels.

Connect with the group.

Selected applicants will be invited into an online group on February 8th, 2021. Within this group, we'll get clear on some ground rules for ensuring our social safety in the group. You'll then be invited to begin sharing what you are focused on at this time, your aspirations, and the key challenges that you are encountering. In addition to participating in beginning to build our community connection, you will also be asked to complete some preparatory work before the group "meets" online in a first weekly live session on 18 February 2021.

Our work begins.

On February 18th we will gather via Zoom for our first of fifteen restorative activism forums. Over the next three and a half months we will dive into the inner game of mindful activism, focus on our abilities to build and restore relationships through effective communication, hone our unique personal visions of the world we are seeking to create, and begin putting new principles and practices into action together.

Put principles into action.

Throughout the program you will be supported to engage with your inner workings, with your classmates, and with others outside of our group who might not agree with you, in ways that encourage the building of communication bridges across personal and societal divides. Near the end of our course, participants will co-host a joint online dialogue event together.

Four key aspects of "Restorative Activism"

VALUES & VISION for impact

A movement is only as strong as its members’ lived values & the clarity of their vision. Restorative Activism is about integrating the values you stand for in the impact you envision, to help you become ever clearer about your deeper why & end game.


Our inner state becomes our outer fate. Central to this work is our awareness of the space we’re operating from. To develop this awareness, Restorative Activism explores the practice of mindfulness in action, with an emphasis on recognising & owning our own triggers and biases in real time.


Communicating across moral tribes is one of the toughest challenges we may ever encounter. Restorative Activism invites a return to meaningful dialogue with a focus on communication skills, formats and storylines that can help us to engage effectively with people across all kinds of divides.


Balance & self-care are key aspects of effective activism. Many activists experience forms of overwhelm & stress that lead to burnout. Restorative Activism calls on  us to ensure we recognise & pro-actively meet our personal needs to live a life that balances purpose & wellbeing.

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Program Schedule

The Restorative Activism Project will begin on February 8th, 2021 with on-boarding into an online group, introducing ourselves to each other, and preparing ourselves with some pre-course readings and homework. 

Weekly 2-hour virtual meetings will begin on February 18/19th and continue through 27/28 May 2021, at the following times.*

Week 1: Preparing for Impact
Week 2: Vision and Values
Week 3: Integral Self-Care
Week 4: Small Group Activity
Week 5: Mindfulness/Presence
Week 6: Listening
Week 7: From Inquiry to Advocacy
Week 8: Small Group Activity
Week 9: Storytelling and the Psychosocial Brain
Week 10: Shadow Work
Week 11: Speaking Peace (Non-Violent Communication)
Week 12: Small Group Activity
Week 13: Facilitating Group Communication
Week 14: Co-hosted Virtual Cafe
Week 15: Review and Closing Ceremony

  • Los Angeles: 6:30-8:30pm Thursdays
  • New York: 9:30-11:30pm Thursdays
  • Buenos Aires: 11:30pm Thursdays-1:30am Fri.
  • Brussels: 3:30-5:30am Fridays
  • Kampala: 5:30-7:30am Fridays
  • New Delhi: 8:00-10:00am Fridays
  • Chiang Mai: 9:30-11:30am Fridays
  • Sydney: 1:30-3:30pm Fridays

Check here to determine the exact time for you if your timezone isn’t represented above.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The weekly virtual meeting time is subject to shift 1 hour later for you if/when your country shifts to Daylight Savings Time.



Your Facilitators


Cairo is passionate about the power of communication to transform the world.

With a professional background encompassing the not-for-profit & corporate sectors, adult & youth education, the creative & therapeutic arts, Cairo has a gift for connecting deeply with people from divergent walks of life.

Cairo’s activist path has spanned ecological projects & issues, indigenous rights advocacy, & educational reform for adolescents. He has volunteered for various organizations, been the lead manager of a leadership oriented not-for-profit, & been a founding member of various initiatives.

Today he leads an international personal & professional development organization & is committed to making these skills available to change agents to support their wellbeing, happiness, & effectiveness in creating a just, sustainable, & kind world.


Christina is a life-long activist for co-creative approaches to social change, who feels the most alive when she’s designing and hosting experiences that bring people of different backgrounds together to nurture mutual growth and collective impact. 

Over the course of her long career as an award winning social entrepreneur, Christina has brought co-creative approaches to making local change happen with crowdsourced international support into highly marginalized war-affected minority communities in Uganda and Thailand. 

Christina’s work in Uganda was featured in the first ever “UNCTAD Report on E-commerce and Development in LDC’s” and earned her a lifelong fellowship with the prestigious Ashoka network of global Innovators for the Public. She has also organized, hosted and/or facilitated dynamic learning sessions at countless events for international groups of changemakers, corporate leaders, civil society and university students in Europe and the USA. 

Originally from a blue collar desert town in southern California, Christina speaks several languages and has lived, travelled and/or worked in more than 65 countries as an adult. She has 3 half-Dutch young adult sons, and under pandemic-free circumstances splits her time between Europe and Thailand. She works online as a life coach, guides small groups on Virtual Goddess Walks, and is currently building a home made from recycled plastic.

What we hope to achieve with the Restorative Activism Project

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”  Margaret Mead

A new form of activism is essential in our times – one that raises awareness about important issues while inviting the co-creation of inspiring, shared possibilities. It’s not just about protesting against what we don’t want, but about restoring relationships across divides, and developing the mutual understanding that is necessary to create better outcomes in our communities.

The Restorative Activism Project is designed to support committed activists like you to do the inner work and develop key communication skills that will help you build bridges, restore relationships and create the more beautiful world our hearts know are possible. 


Join us!

Apply to participate in the 15-week Restorative Activism Project

With only 16 places available in this intimate global leadership program, we will be assessing applications with an eye toward curating a demographically diverse group of committed activists, which also represents a cross-section of issues in today’s activist landscape. All applications must be submitted by 29 January 2021.   

Tuition for selected applicants is 100% FREE. Normally this program would be valued at over $3000.

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