June 2023 to February 2024

"Transform the world one conversation at a time"

For over a decade, the coaching industry has experienced incredible growth.  In this time of extraordinary change, demand for coaching is the highest it’s ever been and the need for coaching has never been greater.

If you are looking for a coaching program that will take you on a life-changing journey and prepare you for sustained success, you may have found what you are looking for.

Within the Creator Coaching Program
you will:

Master the coach’s craft

Integrate transformational coaching skills and learn rock solid, ethical business practices.

Transform personally

Awaken awareness, release what no longer serves you and step into new levels of creative power.

Magnify your contribution

Have a greater impact on individuals and on the transformation that is taking place in our world

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Our unique methodology

Master the coach's craft

Among the tools at the heart of Creator Coaching

Program Design

With years of experience in professional teaching, our educational design is based on best-practice principles, ensuring that all learning styles are honoured.  Our approach is multi-layered and focuses on nurturing an intimate community based learning in which participants feel safe to experiment, learn and grow personally and professionally.

The Creator Coaching Program
in others' words

What might it do for you?


What comes to mind when you see the word ‘behave’?

For most of this this is a triggering word that implies negative judgement. BUT hidden in plain sight is a profound truth and source of wisdom: As you ‘be’ so you ‘have’.

This idea is at the heart of creator coaching. We begin with the recognition that all creation starts from being. In this way, every goal, every action, every desire is secondary to who we are being now and at each step throughout the creative process. In this way, we transform success from being a destination to being a lived process that takes place at the level of being.

A lot of coaching methodologies focus on the horizontal plane of making outer changes OR the vertical plane of creating inner transformations.  

Creator Coaching does both. 

Creator coaching also focuses on supporting people across the three most important dimensions of people’s lives: 

  • Relationship to self  
  • Relationship to others  
  • Relationship to the greater whole 

In practice, this means being able to support people to have an empowered and creative (growth) mindset. It also means being able to support them to confidently navigate their key relationships. Finally, it encompasses supporting people to achieve their visions and make the most powerful contribution possible. 

In technical terms, Creator Coaches can holistically support people across the intrapersonal, interpersonal and transpersonal dimensions of life. 

Many people find it difficult to translate their inner transformations into practical changes. When we’re unable to express our desires, aspirations and challenges skillfully or communicate our personal shifts to the people that matter most, our past can tend to define our future. 

A lot of coaching falls short by focusing on mindset and goals without giving adequate attention to people’s ability to communicate and interact effectively with others. 

Within the creator coaching program, you will learn a range of communication methodologies and be challenged to put them into practice in your life. This content and your personal experiences will make you one of the few coaches out there with the skills and legitimacy to support other people powerfully within the relationships that matter most. 

Self Craft’s approach to education is rooted in alternative learning philosophy and practice. One of our founders was a student, teacher and Director in a unique schooling system that focused on love as the goal of education: love of self, love of others and love of the world. 

The core of this philosophy is focused on the creation of quality relationships. We have taken this to heart within our education design by creating programs that are intimate, enduring and focused on deep communication. 

This creates a truly supportive and fun community in which people learn from one another and feel safe to be bold and vulnerable – accelerating and deepening their learning experience. 

A lot of great coaches really struggle with the business aspects of their craft. We make sure that participants in the Creator Coaching program gain a complete methodology as well as a clear business model for creating a successful coaching practice. 

Too many approaches to business success are manipulative and overly complex, leading to coaches hesitating in terms of activating their business. In this program you will gain clear strategies that are simple, ethical and immediately executable. 

When your approach is simple and ethical, it is easy get into action, build momentum and create sustained success. 

Key business elements covered within the program include defining who you serve, understanding their needs constructing your coaching program, and learning a no-nonsense sales process that you’re likely to employ even before the program is complete.  

Yes! There are 2 ways to pay for the course: upfront with a 10% discount or in 3 installments paid throughout the program.

For more details on our payment options, check out the program brochure. Links are at the top and bottom of this page. 

The Triad element accelerates the integration of key coaching skills. It offers an intimate format in which you coach, are coached and observe other students coaching.  

Within a Triad you will work with one or more specific coaching skills, give and receive feedback, and gain three perspectives that fuel deep and rapid learning.  

Triad groups have 3x sessions together throughout the program and thus create a special sub-community within the broader group. 

All Masterclasses and Workshops are recorded and uploaded into the online learning system. You will be able to access and download them the day after the live session.  

Having said this, missing classes is not ideal. We believe in dynamic, participatory and interactive education and if you are absent from class you won’t contribute to the emergent context in which the learning takes place. Additionally, we have a prerequisite of 75% attendance for you to be able to gain the Associate Creator Coach Certification. 

The Creator Coaching Program has been created for people who want to become coach, people who are already coaching but want to expand their skillset and take their work deeper, and for holistic therapists who want to integrate coaching into their core offerings.

While this program is primarily designed for people who are already professional coaches or who want to be, most of the program is focused on skills that will translate perfectly into organizational contexts. As such, leaders and entrepreneurs are likely to experience massive breakthroughs through participating.

Everyone has different reasons for wanting to learn coaching, and different priorities when it comes to choosing one program over another. We encourage you to do our research to find out how this program compares to others options.

If you have a feeling that the Creator Coaching Program may what you are looking for, the best way to find out for sure is to talk directly to one of our facilitators or graduates by booking a free Discovery Session. 

Where to from here?


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These sessions showcase the power and impact of the Creator Coaching methodology. The session are 2 hours so we can go deep and make real strides in one or more key areas of your life.

Our time is precious, as is yours. Please apply if you are committed to making great things happen in your life and you’re open to the possibility of working with a coach into the future.