Cairo and Kaylan met in 2007
on a quiet street in Northern Thailand...

This chance meeting led to love, the founding of Self Craft,
and to the creation of a global tribe of coaches, facilitators and change makers. ​



Self Craft was founded by Cairo and Kaylan Rha in 2010 after several years of training together within a spiritual warrior community.
Their complimentary backgrounds in spirituality, bodywork, the therapeutic and creative arts, gave them an alchemical foundation to work from.
As they continued their studies in coaching and facilitation, they naturally created a partnership that led to taking their transformational work across the world.

From Australia to Thailand to the World

Seven years ago, Kaylan and Cairo relocated from Australia to Thailand to be with their family and to make Self Craft a full-time focus. In this time, they have created thriving coaching practices, a coaching academy, conscious business skills programs, and supported hundreds of people from all over the world to amplify their creative power and to transform their lives, personally and professionally.

Our work has been delivered live in Thailand, Australia, Myanmar, Spain, the USA and France, and has been translated into four languages. 

Nourishing Relationships

We are building a Robin Hood organization that takes care of our participants while also sharing abundance with the world. We believe in and practice geo-pricing, barter service arrangements and philanthropy.
We are focused on playing our part in nurturing a global movement of empowered creators who contribute to the world magnificently through their actions, projects and generosity. ​

Creator Big Group Hug Portrait

From strength to strength

Self Craft is a growing force in the conscious personal and professional development space. 

While our long term vision is clear, with so much that has happened it can be hard to guess what the next chapters of our story will bring. Who knows? You may just have a key role in writing them.

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