Do you hear the call?

Your journey, your way

There are many ways to get involved in Self Craft.
The following is one example of how that may work for you.


Explore our site and channels

If you want to get a sense of our purpose, the nature of our work and the kind of community we have created, check out this site and our social media channels. Of course, there is no substitute for talking to one of our crew to find out what we're really like.

Book a discovery call

Discovery calls are a chance for us to get together and express ourselves. We'll explore any questions you might have about our coaching services and programs, as well well as get a feel for one another in a relaxed personal chat, clarifying how we can support your aspirations.

Get a taste of our work

If you're interested in finding a coach, our Creation Sessions are free and deep two-hour 1-on-1 coaching experiences. Or, if you are interested in growing your coaching skills, we have plenty of free webinars that you can check out and low cost live masterclasses you can attend.

Say 'Yes!'

If at any point you want to join us for some kind of transformational learning experience, you will either:
- Book a place in a Masterclass or Intensive from its associated page
- Meet with Self Craft rep if you want to join us for our longer programs

Join our team

Perhaps you are looking for a team with an inspiring vision and that shares your values. Many of our current facilitators and all of our coaches began by doing the work with us before progressing into an ongoing professional relationship. As an expanding global enterprise, opportunities within Self Craft abound.

What makes us different?

We represent the next evolution in coaching.

Therapeutic Coaching

Our founders’ backgrounds in bodywork, therapy & the creative arts mean our coaching honors the body-mind connection & attends to the past, present & future. Our work awakens awareness, facilitates deep healing & turns inner shifts into creative power.

Courageous Communication

We know that deep transformation only stabilizes & becomes a powerful force in the world when new possibilities & ways of being are shared with others. With this in mind we focus on marrying self-mastery to the mastery & practice of conscious communication

We'll be your rude friends

This is spiritual warrior work. Our coaches & trainers are provocative & are willing to be your rude friends. It is more important to us that we hold you to your creative power & risk being disliked than that we avoid the tough stuff in order to stay in your ego’s good graces.


Located across five continents, our team is comprised of coaches, consultants, teachers and change makers. As diverse as our tribe is, the common thread uniting us all is our shared focus on personal evolution, transformational communication, and wholehearted contribution.