Our Bigger game

We stand for what we call the Creator Movement

We exist to inspire a world of connection and creativity. We imagine a world in which all people savor life, nurture meaningful relationships, and co-create a sustainable and caring presence on earth.

Our Core Mission

Our mission is to transform lives and our collective destiny by giving people access to a transformational tools and an education that enables them to:

~Master their minds
~Communicate courageously
~Contribute creatively and powerfully
~Create abundance for themselves and others

At a time in human history in which we are being asked collectively to navigate a great transition, we believe in the power of creative thinking, conscious communication and ethical entrepreneurialism to create bright new possibilities for individuals, groups and the world.​

Our Core Values

While values such as integrity, commitment and creativity are at the heart of how we operate as an organization, the core goals of our work are found in the CREATOR model.

Interestingly, the qualities of CREATOR were identified by reflection over years of inner work within a spiritual warrior tradition. It was later that we discovered the acronym they now form.

Together these qualities offer a rock solid foundation for being an empowered, unstoppable communicator, contributor and creator.​

Courage literally means belonging to the heart. Courage allows us to transcend insecurities and fears and to accept our vulnerabilities. Courage is the force that transforms anxiety to excitement and challenges into opportunities.

The original meaning of respect was to see with fresh eyes. In practice, it means giving your highest level of attention in combination with your best behavior. Respect creates deep connection and enables intelligent choices.

Expression is our capacity to make hearts, minds and feelings known. It is what makes the internal experience of life enter and affect the world. Our capacity to express directly correlates to our capacity to express ourselves freely and skillfully.

Acceptance begins with allowing ourselves to meet reality wholeheartedly – to free yourself of judgment and simply see phenomena as it is. Paradoxically, acceptance also asks us see ourselves, others and things through the lens of possibility rather than in fixed terms.

To trust is to choose to offer oneself fully. The giving of trust is one of the most powerful gifts we can ever give. We honor ourselves, others and life when we activate trust. To trust and be authentically vulnerable is to welcome life,
it is to live fully.

Openness allows us to feel ourselves fully and to feel beyond ‘ourselves.’ True creation begins with openness. An open mind allows us to see things with fresh eyes. An open heart allows us to feel what lies in us and others. An open will enables us to create with a sense of ease.

Reverence enables us to recognize beauty in ourselves, others and the world. It is an invitation to meet all aspects of life with love. When we are reverent we connect to the highest possibility of any moment and be loving servants to this cause.

Transforming collective consciousness

Our bigger game is the transformation of consciousness itself as the nature of all human activity is determined by the consciousness underlying it.

It is clear that the consciousness that has got us to where we are won’t allow us to leave our children a world we can be proud of.

Transforming our collective destiny begins with people recognizing our interconnectedness, establishing themselves in holistic, integrative consciousness, and consistently practicing love in action.

Our macro mission is to awaken and stabilize these memes in the collective consciousness. What will emerge is a humanity that experiences greater love, joy, and fulfillment. A humanity that works for the individual, the group, and the greater whole.​

Accelerating the great transition

At this time in which a great transition is more needed than ever, much of humanity is still caught in a trance of outdated cultural programs. We are here to support a revolution of awakening minds, courageous communication and innovative creativity.

The great news is that we are not alone. A revolution of conscious evolution has been happening for decades and is gathering momentum. It is our aspiration to play a powerful role within this broader movement. Join us in accelerating and empowering the creator movement.

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