Self Craft Crew

Kaylan Rha

Kaylan, one of Self Craft’s founders, knew she was here to make a difference at a young age. She has over 15 years experience as a holistic therapist and brings playfulness and depth to all she does. As a coach, teacher and facilitator Kaylan has a unique ability to bring light and joy to the tough stuff, to create spaces in which you can easily access your innate wisdom, and has a unique knack for getting people into states of booty shaking bliss!

Cairo Rha

Cairo is the CEO of Self Craft. He loves provocative communication, psychosomatic awakening, and helping people to create wildly successful projects. and businesses. With a background spanning coaching, consultancy, teaching, facilitation, and the creative arts, Self Craft is like a playground for Cairo to integrate and express his diverse passions and gifts. Cairo is committed to people loving life while making powerful contributions and is also oddly fascinated with the word ‘behave.’

Matthew Galloway

Matthew is part of the core team and has been involved in Self Craft as a participant, coach and teacher for the last few years. Renowned for his huge open heart and deep level of care, Matthew also has an incredibly sharp mind. This makes him equally skilled at supporting people in relation to their deepest personal challenges as well as being able to support them with making big things happen.

Anne Claire Meret

Anne Claire is one of the driving forces in Self Craft’s global outreach. As a ten time published author, skilled naturopath, and highly successful coach, Anne Claire can support people to deepen their wellbeing, create flourishing relationships and bring their dreams to life. Anne Claire works for Self Craft as a facilitator and teacher leading the French version of the Creator Coaching Program as well as various other intensives.

Emily Boyd

Emily is a transpersonal facilitator, coach and consultant who has worked with global corporations, SMEs and small businesses. She has a great ability to bring awareness to patterns of communication and assist people in collaborating joyfully and effectively. Her chief professional passions lie in empowering people and organizations through learning, growth and positive change.

Lyse Klong

Lyse is a social entrepreneur who leads, along with her husband Damien, a permaculture education foundation in northern Thailand. As a coach she is especially passionate about helping parents to nurture their children through mindful education as well as balancing their core roles with their individual aspirations. She also works with people on overcoming fears and limiting beliefs, and creating lives that are in harmony with nature, 

Leela Leigh

Leela has spent the last 4 years traversing the world whilst learning a multitude of tools that promote Holistic wellbeing. 

She is passionate about unearthing gifts, passions and skills through deep inquiry and visioning and has helped countless women anchor their creative ideas and ambitions into tangible success strategies by exploring how their ideas align with their ideals. 

If youre ready to take a leap from the status quo and back your dreams, Leela is your coach! 

Gigi Ray

Gigi’s strengths as a coach include facilitating meditative journeys, reconnecting to our inner-wisdom and relating to life in exciting and creative, empowering and heart-centred ways. Her passion for contribution took a professional form as a massage therapist at age 17 and expanded into a focus on collective healing which she pursued as an environmental volunteer with the Wilderness Society, organising and inspiring grass-roots activism within her community. Later, she re-immersed herself in the art of personal transformation through studying with Self Craft on the very first Creator Coaching Program.  Since then, she has served as a triad facilitator on the 2020 CCP1 training while also becoming an English language teacher, and enjoys these incredibly rewarding professions as she travels the world. 

Jenn Agostini

Jenn is a yoga and meditation teacher with a stunning ability to connect ancient philosophies to our modern world. Her commitment to the lifestyle of yoga and her incredible ongoing journey over the last twelve years has become a road map for inner self-worth and impeccable courage. She is passionate about supporting those she works with to live their dream life and follow the voice of their Heart. Jenn has supported many people – yogis and non-yogis – to follow their most sincere vocation with authenticity, love, empowerment, and abundance. 

Antonia Lira

Antonia is an activist, life coach, yogini, and content creator on topics related to travel, self-discovery and eco-consciousness. She’s been a nomad for three years now, sharing this alternative way of living on social media to inspire others to create lives outside of the norm and with a sense of purpose. Since coming back to her home country (Chile), she’s dedicated her energy to spreading awareness on the importance of self-knowledge, community organization and food sovereignty.  Antonia sees her arrival in synchronicity with the uprising as an opportunity to dedicate herself fully to the creation of the New Earth we’ve been waiting for. Right now, her biggest passions are nature, meditation, biohacking and co-creating with inspired changemakers. 

Pablo Rodriguez

Pablo is a self-confidence and self-love coach who helps people find deeper clarity and purpose, and cultivate greater trust and respect in themselves. Pablo embraces his inner child energy with wisdom and passion, bringing kindness, ease and insight to his sessions with his creative, playful and proactive approach and constant motivation to help people realise their dreams. Since very young, Pablo’s courage and curiosity have brought him around the world, learning the wisdom and ways of beings from different cultures and integrating them in his own life.  

Gabriel Dias

Gabriel is a coach and digital nomad with a strong background in technology. Apart from an open heart and deep listening skills, he loves to participate as a co-creator when it comes to planning projects, designing lifestyle and creating digital products. His analytical mind helps people organize and clarify ideas in a way that ensures they are tangible and concrete. 

Our team is made up of people from across five continents and many walks of life.  United in our love of self-mastery and transformational communication, each of us have unique ways of empowering you as a creator.

Campbell Wilson

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Florian Bernard

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Megan Kivelos

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Create holistic, deep & enduring inner & outer transformations with the intimate, committed & tailored support that only masterful one-on-one coaching can provide.

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Transform lives with coaching & therapeutic tools & skills that empower people’s mindset, wellbeing, relationships, communication abilities, & professional success.


Learn & apply conscious marketing & sales strategies that are built on an ethical foundation and that will help you master the business side of your coaching or therapeutic practice.



These sessions showcase the power and impact of the Creator Coaching methodology. The session are 2 hours so we can go deep and make real strides in one or more key areas of your life.

Our time is precious, as is yours. Please apply if you are committed to making great things happen in your life and you’re open to the possibility of working with a coach into the future.