Different people, different pathways

Master the coach’s craft your way.


Be a more masterful coach today. These live events are for professional coaches who want to grow their toolkit and put what they’ve learnt into practice immediately.


Learn coaching toolkits & coach in new, powerful ways. Our intensives are for coaches who want to upskill quickly and for newbies who want to dive in the deep end.


Go on a journey of self-mastery & powerful learning, integrating a full coaching methodology & the key business principles that will empower your professional success.

Who is Creator Coaching for?

Whether you are testing the coaching waters or would already consider yourself a master coach, we’re here for you. Creator Coaching is a pioneering methodology that focuses on supporting people to own their creative power, to master communication and to make the greatest impact possible.

To upskill fast, our one-off Masterclasses will give you tools you can apply immediately. To become a great coach within a specific niche, our Intensives will give you holistic frameworks and toolkits. If you’re looking for a truly deep dive, our longer term Programs will ensure you integrate a comprehensive methodology.

Learn More About Creator Coaching

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Creator Philosophy

What comes to mind when you see the word ‘behave’?

For most of this this is a triggering word that implies negative judgement. But hidden in plain sight is a profound truth and source of wisdom: As you ‘be’ so you ‘have’.

This idea is at the heart of creator coaching. We begin with the recognition that all creation starts from being. In this way, every goal, every action, every desire is secondary to who we are being now and at each step throughout the creative process. In this way, we transform success from being a destination to being a lived process that takes place at the level of being.

Want to Learn more about the Creator Philosophy?

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Master the Coach's Craft

Our Lead Teachers

Each of our coaching intensives and programs is taught by a teaching team. Here are a few of the key players.

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