Your G.P.S.

Live Your Personal Legend

Over 7 weeks Your G.P.S. will help you clarify your vision and live your deepest purpose. 

Your ‘G.P.S.’ stands for your Gifts, Passions, Skills & Knowledge. Put these together and you have a simple way to orient you to your life purpose and what it asks of you.

In this transformational, intimate, community based program you will create an inspiring life vision that honors your gifts and passions, and sets you up for security and abundance.

Your G.P.S. is also offered in Spanish, French and Italian.  Change your language selection at the top of the page to view alternative languages.

The discounted rate of 250 ends after the first 6 enrollees or on March 8th 2022, whichever comes sooner.

Enroll Now.  Spaces are limited to 12.

Course begins March 22nd, 3pm +7 GMT

What is Your G.P.S.?

This life purpose program explores the deep inner work and key considerations that create a solid foundation for a sustainable, inspiring, and abundant life. Over seven life changing weeks, you will explore your why, own your gifts, explore your passions, audit your skills and knowledge, and create a strategic plan for how you will bring your purpose to life.

Here’s what we will cover week by week.



We begin by looking backwards. The life you have lived up to now holds all the clues you need to discover what we call the golden thread. Your golden thread can be thought of as your 'why', orienting you to your core purpose. From this process you will gain a compass and a source of inspiration for all that follows. As they say, when the why is strong enough, the how takes care of itself..
Who you are


Building on what you discovered in Week 1, you will explore your innate talents and traits, and how your key experiences and relationships have shaped you. These are the things that make you, you. These are your gifts. Knowing and owning your gifts readies you to live your purpose.
Who you are
What you love


Your passions are the things that bring you energy. They are the causes, ideas, and activities that you love to think about, speak about, and take action on. The more your core passions are at the heart of your life path, the more energy you will have to give your best to life. This work will support you to do what you most love for a living.
What you love


It is all well and good to know your purpose, own your gifts, and be clear about your passions. However, without a breadth and depth of essential skills and knowledge, you may find yourself unable to make things happen. At this point we audit your skills and knowledge base to recognize where you are strongest and the things you need to develop to create the greatest foundation for sustained growth and success.


All the work up to this point puts you in a position to be truly visionary. Having discovered your golden thread, anchored your gifts and passions, and clarified your skills and knowledge, you will now synthesize it all into a strategy for your immediate, mid and long term future. This includes creating a fellowship of allies to support your onward journey, due consideration to your ongoing inward journey, key goals, and a specific action plan.


WEEKS 6 & 7:
You will have an opportunity to test and refine your strategy in a one-on-one coaching session with one of your lead facilitators. Your coach will support you to clarify your aspirations, to safeguard your vision against potential stumbling blocks, and to craft a clear plan of action. They will also support you to feel ready to share your vision and Your G.P.S in the Closing Ceremony.


Within the closing ceremony you will have the opportunity to share your purpose and planned pathway with the community. This experience is akin to a rite of passage, giving you the opportunity to declare what your life is about to a trusted community of supporters. Sharing your stand in this way will support you to leave 'Your G.P.S.' with commitment, clarity and momentum.

What Makes this Program Work


Our inner state becomes our outer fate. Central to this work is our awareness of the space we’re operating from. To develop this awareness, Your G.P.S. consistently orients you to practice mindfulness with an emphasis on recognizing your wholeness as you are.


Purpose work will likely surface impostorism & require us to work on our beliefs & shadow triggers. Be prepared to face your old stories & current fears. Rest assured, meeting the challenge will bring you the courage & confidence to live your purpose powerfully.


As important as anything you do within the program will be the actions you take in your life throughout. You will be challenged to create personal rites of passage that ensure you deepen your insights & put things in motion that change your sense of self. This is the key to creating a purposeful, actualized life.


You may think you’re here for yourself. You are actually here for humanity. The community aspect of ‘Your G.P.S.’ is symbolic of this. Throughout, you will support & be supported, inspire & be inspired. Your fellow participants will bring out your best & you will play an important role in other people clarifying and living their purpose.

What's Included in Your G.P.S.?

1 x 3.5 hour Workshop. Value – $135

4 x 2 hour live zoom-based Workshops. Value – $320

8 x Life design booklets. Value – $80.

Membership within a FB Group with 4 x live 30 min Q&A sessions. Value – $100.

1 x 75 min one-on-one coaching session with one of your lead facilitators. Value – $200.

1 x 2 hour purpose declaration closing ceremony.

Total Value – $835.

Actual Investment: €300 Euros

Your G.P.S. takes place over seven weeks and is run in several languages.

Key aspects of Your G.P.S.

Facebook Groups
Having worked with a number of Learning Management Systems, we have found FB Groups to be optimal for inspiring group engagement. All learning materials and recordings can be accessed through our private FB Group and will be released in modularized Guides one week prior to each Live Workshop.

Personal Tools
You will receive handouts with Personal Tools throughout the program. Often, these are to be completed prior to Live Workshops. The Live Workshops are an opportunity for group learning and you will be prepared to dive deep together if you have done the work . You may feel lost or hold others back if you haven’t.
You will create actions and be set various challenges throughout the program. These will tend to be brief (except for one). These will be central to you stepping into a life of deeper purpose.

Live Workshops
Live Workshops are recorded but you are wholeheartedly encouraged to be there. There are buddy breakout rooms in each which are central to the transformational experience.

Workshops will be run on Tuesdays at:
  • United Kingdom: 08:00 – 10:00
  • Thailand: 15:00 – 17:00 
  • Sydney: 19:00 – 21:00 
  • Check here to determine the exact time for you if your timezone isn’t represented above.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The weekly virtual meeting time is subject to change if your country shifts to or from Daylight Savings Time

One-on-one Coaching

This session will help you refine a practical strategy and ensure you committed to a realistic and inspiring action plan. You will be given a link to book in a coaching session with one of your lead facilitators at the beginning of the program. We recommend you book this in for the last two weeks of the program, prior to the closing ceremony.

Who is this for?

Your G.P.S. has been created and designed for:

  • People at a crossroads
  • People who are successful but dissatisfied
  • People who are ready to create radical change
  • People who want to create a new professional path
  • People at risk of burnout and want greater balance
  • People who have taken Covid as a natural life reset
  • People who no longer recognize themselves in the life they lead
  • People who are willing to do the inner and outer work necessary
  • People who want to learn within an intimate and inspiring community

Who isn't this for?

Your G.P.S. may not be for you if:

  • You are afraid to challenge the status quo and explore the unknown
  • You are unwilling to face your own shadow and inner critic
  • You who want to do your inner work alone
  • You are looking for a quick fix solution

Your Facilitators

gigi ray

Gigi has a diverse background in the creative arts, holistic wellbeing and collective transformation. She has served professionally as a massage therapist, author, coach and facilitator as well as an English teacher to speakers of other languages.

As a volunteer and creative she has served through music and performance, environmental activism and as an eager participant in projects that restore human connection and the planet.

Her drive to learn, help and grow has led her on many paths of experimenting and exploring her potential and inspires others to do the same through her project SelfOtherEarth Coaching & Creation.

She is passionate about Authentic Relating, systemic thinking and cross-cultural connection and enjoys festivals, nature, camping, yoga and learning French.

Justin Lee

Justin will be one of your lead facilitators and coaches within Your G.P.S. 

He is the founder of Soulful Intimacy Guidance & Coaching and has over a decade of experience in personal development, community building, and facilitating intentional space.

Trained and mentored by the finest teachers in conscious relating, mindfulness, embodied movement, and men’s development, Justin brings a unique blend of tools, magic, and experience to those seeking new paradigms of life, relationship, and what it means to be human.

Justin is passionate about conscious communication, heart-led leadership, and evolving how we relate with ourselves, each other, and our collective humanity.

Through a combination of 1:1 and group work, Justin supports soulful humans to create the meaningful, joyful lives and relationships they know are possible.


Cairo is one of the founders of Self Craft & the creator of the G.P.S. methodology. His role in the program will be education through video and written content.

Cairo is passionate about the power of purposeful individuals to transform the world.

With a professional background encompassing the not-for-profit & corporate sectors, adult & youth education, the creative & therapeutic arts, Cairo has a gift for bringing people together in powerful contexts.

Over the last three years he has grown Self Craft from a two person organization, to an intimate, community-driven education academy with over 20 facilitators, operating in four languages.

Cairo is a proud husband and father whose core purpose is to inspire creative thinking and conscious communication so that we can give the best of ourselves to one another and for the Earth.

What is this unprecedented time asking of us?

We live in extraordinary times.

Never have opportunity and chaos collided in such a dramatic way.

While much of the world is more abundant than ever,
many are experiencing more change and uncertainty than ever.

There has never been a better time to re-imagine your possibilities
and to step purposefully into fulfilling your life’s true potential and deepest purpose. 

Join us!

Enroll in Your G.P.S. and live your personal legend!

There are a limited number of places available for this intimate life transforming program.
We would love you to be part of this tribe of powerful Creators.

Course begins March 22nd, 3pm +7 GMT

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