Awaken Insights - Radically Release - Consciously Create

Creator Coaching is a pioneering methodology that focuses on supporting people to do the deep inner work required to own their creative power.

It is unique in its capacity to go both deep and far – awakening insight while also supporting meaningful, practical action and courageous communication in the areas of life that matter most.

Creator Philosophy

What comes to mind when you see the word ‘behave’?

For most of this this is a triggering word that implies negative judgement. BUT hidden in plain sight is a profound truth and source of wisdom: As you ‘be’ so you ‘have’.

This idea is at the heart of creator coaching. We begin with the recognition that all creation starts from being. In this way, every goal, every action, every desire is secondary to who we are being now and at each step throughout the creative process. In this way, we transform success from being a destination to being a lived process that takes place at the level of being.

Creator Coaching does this by attending to three primary dimensions of Being.


Creator Coaching is holistic and integral. Designed to support people across the full spectrum of life, our work attends to the three primary dimensions that we all experience.

Our holistic approach involves bringing awareness to limiting patterns of thought, belief, expression and action, facilitating their release and exploring new possibilities in all aspects of life.

Your relationship to yourself – aka the intrapersonal

Your relationship to others – aka the interpersonal

Your relationship to the greater whole – aka the transpersonal


We support people to magnify their personal wellbeing and results by transforming their MINDSET.
To nurture and deepen their RELATIONSHIP.
To uplevel their BUSINESS and/or VOCATION.

Given we only work with people for sustained periods of time, with Creator Coaching you will integrate each of these streams so that each supports the other.


Transform your mind and you’ll transform your world. Awaken awareness, shift limiting beliefs, and bring forth a level of confidence and clarity that enables you to seize the day and meet life’s challenges with wholehearted trust and joy.


Nurturing connection transforms challenging dynamics into opportunities for understanding and growth. Become a master communicator and create the conditions for respect and trust to flourish.


Whether you’re at a crossroads, know where you want to go but aren’t sure how to get there, have already experienced success but still dissatisfied, or have a growth mindset and want to take yourself to the next level – we can meet you where you’re at. 


Unearth opportunities, align your actions with your values, hone your core messages, build your core ethical business abilities such as marketing and sales, and strategically accelerate your success.

What can Creator Coaching do for you?

Each person comes to coaching with unique aspirations and desires. Whether your primary focus is on your mindset, relationships, vocational path or a specific project, Creator Coaching has got you covered.

     While we can talk about each of these in isolation, in reality Creator Coaching tends to work in an integrated way across these areas and more.

It's your choice how to BeHave

Creation begins with Being

Our mission is to transform lives, groups, and our collective destiny by giving people access to education and experiences that inspire integral consciousness and creative responsibility.

We aim to serve an ever-growing, global tribe of self-actualizing creators who are committed to living life as masterful sovereigns and to bringing their best to themselves, others and the greater whole.

We support people to:

  • Master their relationship to their mind.
  • Be happy for the pure experience of being alive,
  • Be in action in the areas of life that matter most.
  • Experience deeply connected and nourishing relationships.
  • Give their greatest gifts and have fun while living their calling.
  • Contribute to the evolution of humanity in harmony with the biosphere.

We stand for people relating to life lovingly and powerfully. This is supported by a set of operational  principles that we call C.R.E.A.T.O.R.

Courage literally means belonging to the heart. Courage allows us to transcend insecurities and fears and to accept our vulnerabilities. Courage is the force that transforms anxiety to excitement and challenges into opportunities.

The original meaning of respect was to see with fresh eyes. In practice, it means giving your highest level of attention in combination with your best behavior. Respect creates deep connection and enables intelligent choices.

Expression is our capacity to make hearts, minds and feelings known. It is what makes the internal experience of life enter and affect the world. Our capacity to express directly correlates to our capacity to express ourselves freely and skillfully.

Acceptance begins with allowing ourselves to meet reality wholeheartedly – to free yourself of judgment and simply see phenomena as it is. Paradoxically, acceptance also asks us see ourselves, others and things through the lens of possibility rather than in fixed terms.

To trust is to choose to offer oneself fully. The giving of trust is one of the most powerful gifts we can ever give. We honor ourselves, others and life when we activate trust. To trust and be authentically vulnerable is to welcome life,
it is to live fully.

Openness allows us to feel ourselves fully and to feel beyond ‘ourselves.’ True creation begins with openness. An open mind allows us to see things with fresh eyes. An open heart allows us to feel what lies in us and others. An open will enables us to create with a sense of ease.

Reverence enables us to recognize beauty in ourselves, others and the world. It is an invitation to meet all aspects of life with love. When we are reverent we connect to the highest possibility of any moment and be loving servants to this cause.

Your Hero's Journey

A wholehearted 1-on-1 coaching adventure for inspired creators unique in its scope and scale, within Your Hero’s Journey you will:

Embody your purpose and live your personal legend.
Evolve your consciousness, relationships, and self-expression.
Elevate your game, contribution and love of life.

We Wear Many Coaching Hats

The skills that go into Creator Coaching are extremely diverse.To help you understand the explicit ways we work with our clients we have created names for the many hats we wear with a little description of the function of each:

Curious Cat

Asking you questions that awaken awareness and invite conscious creation.

Belief Buster

Spotting, challenging and supporting you to turn around outmoded mental models and narratives.


Sharing ideas based on observation, intuition, and direct expertise.


Supporting you to structure ideas, actions, and visions.

Devil’s Advocate

Challenging and expressing alternate perspectives as well as identify risks and threats.


Facilitating meditations and visualizations to awaken new perspectives and possibilities.

What makes Creator Coaching different?

Most coaching methodologies draw an arbitrary line between coaching and therapy, stating that coaching focuses on the here and now and what is possible for tomorrow, while therapy deals with past events and psychological issues.

Creator Coaching works with people on a holistic time continuum, meaning that we recognise the value of working with the past in order to be more at peace with the present. We explore the deeper layers that emerge within the body and psyche during journeys of deep personal growth and healing. At the same time we work with our clients to translate those insights into actions that will create a new future. This allows us to get to the root of an issue or pattern, rather than just tending to its branches.

When you work with a Creator Coach, you can be assured that you’re working with a person who has faced their own challenges. Someone who is comfortable with uncertainty, willing to be vulnerable and ready to have the conversations that matter most.

Creator Coaching is a revolution in the world of personal development in that it combines therapeutic practices with structural coaching tools and techniques – a powerful methodology that goes both deep and far, empowering people to meet the ever-evolving challenges we face today and in the future.


An Empowering and Inspiring 2-Hour Conversation…for Free!


The ultimate human attribute is the power to create.

While humans have always had a unique ability to envisage new possibilities and bring them to life, our capacity to consciously create our lives and this world has never been greater. The information age has made empowering ideas and practices instantly accessible to us all ushering in the age of the creator. 

In this new age, we can have it all. Happiness. Confidence, Abundance. And the greatest purpose imaginable: the transformation of our collective destiny towards a global humanity of the heart. Even though our opportunity to live lives of joy, freedom, and contribution is greater than ever, the consciousness that has got us to where we are won’t take us to where we want to go.

Creator Coaching evolves consciousness by bringing awareness to limiting patterns of thought, belief, speech and action, facilitating their release and inviting people into a new creative orientation to all aspects of life. This work can support you to envisage and enact greater possibilities than you’d ever allowed yourself to imagine. It will support you to continually expand your horizons, access new depths, and truly own your creative power.

To bring these ideas down from the clouds and ground them in what they would practically mean for you and your life, apply for one of our Complementary two-hour Creation Sessions today… and expect miracles to happen. 

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