Transform the world,
one conversation at a time.

We are living in extraordinary times. The fundamental changes needed to create meaningful lives and an inspiring collective future begin with a shift in the way we think, communicate and create. Coaching is an instrumental force in this transformation.

We can help you with...

1:1 coaching

Create holistic, deep & enduring inner & outer transformations with the intimate, committed & tailored support that only masterful one-on-one coaching can provide.


Transform lives with coaching & therapeutic tools & skills that empower people’s mindset, wellbeing, relationships, communication abilities, & professional success.


Learn & apply conscious marketing & sales strategies that are built on an ethical foundation and that will help you master the business side of your coaching or therapeutic practice.

When empowering others, you affect them,
yourself and, ultimately, the world.

Learn about the bigger game of Creator Coaching

Upcoming Events

Our events, intensives and programs are designed to empower you spiritually and practically and to help you evolve personally and professionally. 




Transform your clients’ relationship to their inner saboteur and inner critic.




own your voice and stand out




Up-level your practice by integrating holistic wellbeing tools

What People Say

Mel Dobra

Mel Dobra

Retreat Leader and Musician

“I just want to say a massive thank you to Cairo and the Self Craft team for supporting me on my successful crowdfunding campaign. I did six sessions throughout the duration of my campaign and was supported in realizing my vision and in creating the action steps that would get me there. I highly recommend working with this team!”


Shay Zluf

Blockchain Thought Leader

“I have been guided into seeing the bigger picture of myself so gently and in such a profound manner. I moved from a situation in which I was jobless and my savings running out, into an inspired, motivated, daring and empowered state. I am now a leader in my field and earning more than enough money! You were right on the spot helping me to be who i am. I love and thank you so much!”

Cara Boccieri

Social Entrepreneur

“Cairo creates a vortex of transformation where you see yourself stepping into your highest possible potential. It is nothing short of a spiritual experience. I felt like I had a full team; the visionary, the experienced CEO, the energized motivator, the sounding board and the financial advisor – all on my side. Some of the most important hours of my career. And I walked away impressed with myself and my own ideas. ”

tina nance

entrepreneur and yoga trainer

“Kaylan was able to mirror me and guide me in an empowering and skillful way that enabled me to see myself with renewed clarity and connect directly to my own inner knowing. [This] was invaluable in its gift of supporting me to realise what’s truly important to me at this stage of my life & to prioritise initiating daily movements to embody my goals. Thanks so much Kaylan! Highly recommended.“

Your Hero’s Journey

A wholehearted 1-on-1 coaching adventure for inspired creators,
within Your Hero’s Journey you will:

Embody your purpose and live your personal legend..

Evolve your consciousness, relationships, and self-expression.

Elevate your game, contribution and love of life.



These sessions showcase the power and impact of the Creator Coaching methodology. The session are 2 hours so we can go deep and make real strides in one or more key areas of your life.

Our time is precious, as is yours. Please apply if you are committed to making great things happen in your life and you’re open to the possibility of working with a coach into the future.