Crafting Your
Core Messages

In an age of information overload you need to craft messages that cut through the noise, stop your tribe in their tracks, and provoke them to take immediate action.

September 21st

  • 9am-11am London
  • 3pm-5pm Bangkok +7 GMT
  • 6-8pm Sydney

You are not the hero

Most coaches and holistic therapists broadcast messages that sound pretty much the same. They talk about transformation in generic ways that rarely stop people in their tracks. Worse, most practitioners’ messages place themselves as the hero’s in their clients’ lives. 

We need to be clear: our prospects and clients are the heroes – we are simply a vehicle for them to accelerate and strengthen their personal hero’s journey.   Also, they are likely busy people who are going to encounter something provocative to make them stop to take a look.

In this masterclass, you will learn a process that will place you in your tribe’s mind so you talk directly to their needs and inspire them to engage with you.

This Masterclass is for established coaches and holistic therapists who want to improve their enjoyment and confidence within the business side of their operations.

Our business oriented Masterclasses teach easy-to-apply and ethical principles and strategies that are designed to make the business side of your practice more inspiring and effective.

In an information overload world, only messages that speak directly to your tribe’s hearts and minds will cut through the noise. This Masterclass will support you to do just that.

Our powerful messaging process will ensure you: 

  • speak directly to the emotional core of your prospects
  • clearly articulate the problems they are struggling with
  • inspire to move towards their aspirations
  • clarify what makes you a great fit for helping them
  • show what your coaching plan can deliver for them to become who they want to be and to create what they want to have
  • inspire them to take action

In two dynamic and interactive hours together you will:

  • Integrate key messaging principles and apply them to your work in real time.
  • See the principles being applied by your teacher through our hot-seat approach to accelerated learning.,
  • Apply the tools to your business in real time.
  • Test your messages within breakout rooms and get direct feedback from your fellow participants.
  • Engage in Q&A to ensure you leave with a sense of clarity and confidence.

You will leave with a more clarity about the messages you want to foreground in your sales and marketing.  Among the the benefits of this masterclass are:


  • Learn how to quickly connect with your prospects’ hearts and minds. 
  • Gain confidence in talking to their self-recognized needs.
  • Develop a deeper understanding of your role in the context of their lives.
  • Learn a process you can use within your business, across all of your products and services. 
  • Integrate principles to arrest the mind and make text come alive.
  • Learn how you can use our messaging process to support any of your clients who are facing messaging challenges in their own businesses. 

Early Bird: $65 USD

General: $75 USD

Your investment will give you:

  • 2 hour live Masterclasses
  • 2 powerful inner work tools
  • Access to a group of other like-minded, ambitious professionals
You will likely use the tools you gain in this Masterclass in dozens to hundreds of your sessions to come creating an amazing return on investment.

Do you do you?

Cairo discusses a key principle of authentic messaging.

Lead teacher


Cairo has been a professional teacher for over twenty years, a coach for over a decade, and devoted communicator since he could talk.

Having been on an evolutionary path since his early twenties, Cairo has integrated, created and applied many communication methodologies in various professional contexts over the last two decades.

Cairo has used a broad variety of conscious communication strategies to transform dynamics in his own life and to help countless others do the same. He is committed to growing the conscious communication movement.

Core take aways

How you will elevate your business


Clarify the exact messages you want to foreground in your marketing, social media and sales processes,


Integrate a powerful model for articulating your prospects' core problems and aspirations,

Communication Coaching
Connect with other coaches

This is an opportunity learn from and to build a network of coaches which may lead to collaborative opportunities.

Core Messaging workbooks

Our workbooks will help you further refine your messages and support your clients to do be able to do the same.

Masterclass Inclusions

Masterclass training

1 x 2 hour live Masterclass and access to a follow up Q&A via our members only Alumni Facebook page.

Business Building workbooks

Gain access to two powerful workbooks that you can use to refine your messaging and to support entrepreneurial clients.

Are you ready?

Join us to own your voice and craft your core messages.

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