Creator Coaching Holistic Toolkit

Up-level your personal practice, coaching skills, or therapeutic range by supporting your clients to take deeper responsibility for their wellbeing in all domains of life.

8 two-hour Masterclasses over 8 months:

August 2021 – March 2022

  • 9am-11am Bangkok
  • 1pm-3pm Sydney
  • 6pm-8pm Los Angeles
  • 9pm-11pm New York

A holistic coaching toolkit for holistic therapists

A lot of coaches and therapists today are looking for a more holistic approach to understanding the real underlying issues for their clients. At the same time, it is important to encourage their clients to take responsibility for their wellbeing and personal aspirations in a more integrated way.

This takes a certain level of intimacy, enquiry and ability to connect to their personal welfare, supported by coaching tools that build awareness and choice for them to live a more fruitful, mindful and balanced life.

Given physical, emotional, mental, relational and spiritual wellbeing are inextricably linked, it’s vitally important that therapists and coaches who aspire to work in a truly holistic way have a toolkit at their fingertips that will enable them to confidently supporting their clients to navigate each of the primary domains of people’s lives.

Moving the focus from the head into the body can give you access to all levels of mind-body intelligence. Integrating this wealth of wisdom and holistic approach can facilitate sustained, transformative change. 

Holistic practitioners and therapists who are wanting to incorporate coaching skills and therapeutic tools into their existing practice to deepen the transformational power and scope of their work.

Truly holistic therapeutic and coaching work asks us to work with the whole person – their body, mind and spirit. If you are able to do so skillfully you will support your clients to powerfully navigate and nurture all dimensions of life.

For therapists, integrating coaching skills this will enable you to stand out from the crowd and scale your business in amazing new ways. For coaches, integrating a therapeutic dimension to your work this will allow you to take your clients’ transformations deeper than ever before.

On top of this, working with people online has become an absolute necessity due to recent global events, and yet for many of us, it’s hard to determine how our modalities will translate best to an online format. This intensive is designed to support you to facilitate deep work in an online world.

Given you already have a great foundation of 1:1 work with people, you will rapidly integrate the tools making an immediate difference to way you work with people and the scalability of your business into the future.

Over eight months and eight live two-hour masterclasses, you’ll dive into a holistic set of principles, practices and tools, including: 

  1. How to communicate the nature of your work in a way that elicits trust, permission and a feeling of safety so that you can work with your clients powerfully and with greater freedom. 
  2. Integrate a holistic framework for wellbeing we call SPERMS model to ensure you get a clear picture of your clients’ needs and how you can best support them in an integrated way.  
  3. Key principles of skillful inquiry that will enable you to confidently navigate just about any focus area.
  4. Our unique body-talk methodology to tap into your client’s somatic awareness and wisdom.
  5. Belief-busting tools that can transform your clients’ confidence.
  6. Shadow work processes that can bring light to the darker aspects of the self playfully and powerfully.
  7. How to help clients identify their key roles and relationships and support them to bring their best to the people that matter most through our Life Constellation Work.
  8. Life Map visioning and goal-oriented tools that you can support people to create their future powerfully. 

By the end of this holistic coaching program, you will have an integrated a holistic coaching toolkit to support you in working more holistically across a full spectrum of client needs including mindset, relationship to self and holistic life design.

Core benefits include:

  • Greater overall contribution to your clients wellbeing thanks to the integration of key skills and core coaching principles.
  • More confidence in facilitating deep work in relation to  your clients’ mindsets, relationships and results.
  • Create new levels of client transformation whether you work in person or online.
  • Get clarity about your offering in a way that will enable you to differentiate yourself from the crowd and create higher paying and more inspiring clients.

Early Bird: $695 USD

General: $795 USD

Your investment will give you:

  • An introductory 1:1 call so we can learn about your unique context
  • 8 x 2 hour live Masterclasses over 8 months to practice and integrate into your already existing practice
  • A comprehensive coaching toolkit to support your clients to take their inner work deeper 
  • Learn alongside a group of other like-minded, ambitious professionals
  • Access to our Coaching Alumni group

Holistic work helps your clients go deep and far.

Learn a little about Creator Coaching's unique capacity to impact clients' lives.

Lead teacher

Kaylan Rha

Since early in life, Kaylan has been fascinated by human behavior and how to help people create wellbeing through the mind, body, and spirit. This manifested in Kaylan’s first career path within massage and bodywork. Confronted by the depth of what she encountered with her clients, Kaylan quickly came to appreciate the importance of working in a holistic way.

Kaylan went on to study counseling, coaching, a range of personal development approaches and various spiritual traditions to better support the whole person. Over a period of years, Kaylan tested how to facilitate lasting internal and external transformations. In the process, she created an integrated way of working with people that taps into the intelligence of the body, harnesses the power of the mind, and awakens their sense of spiritual wholeness.

Kaylan has been teaching her unique approaches to coaching and wellbeing for over a decade, supporting coaches and holistic therapists from around the world to transform the way they work. Along the way, she has developed a reputation for being equally deep as she is fun!

Core take aways

How you will take your career to the next level

Holistic coaching toolkit

Gain tools that will support clients to create a growth mindset, enrich relationships, & high levels of personal success

Tap into somatic Wisdom & Trauma Awareness

Learn how to help your clients tap into their body wisdom, deepening their intuition, self-awareness, regulate emotional balance & personal power.

Create sustained transformations

Empower your clients to know they already have all they need inside themselves. Allowing them to take greater responsibility for their personal wellbeing & inspiring aspirations.

deepen clients' inner work

Integrate a range of tools your clients can use to take their inner work to a deeper level between sessions.

Program Inclusions


8 x 2 hour live Masterclasses over 8 months and a follow up Q&A one month after completion of the program to support your integration.


Dozens of pages of pdf workbooks to use with your clients so they can take their transformation further.

Membership in our alumni

Membership in our exclusive Creator Coaching Alumni giving you access to ongoing support and specials.

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