Communication Coaching Intensive

Communication coaching is the difference maker that can help your clients experience deeper connectedness, create more fulfilling lives and achieve greater results.

January 2021
12th, 13th, 19th, 20th

  • 8am-1pm Paris
  • 2pm-7pm Bangkok
  • 6pm-11pm Sydney

The interpersonal revolution

Feeling confident in our communication is vital to personal wellbeing and professional success. However, a lot of coaches struggle to effectively navigate their clients’ communication and relationship challenges.

This is your opportunity to separate yourself from the coaching crowd who are stuck at the level of personal transformation and get ahead in the interpersonal coaching revolution.

This intensive is for aspirational Coaches, Consultants and Therapists of all levels that recognize the importance of communication in a relational world.

This is also a powerful opportunity to improve your leadership skills and to transform or nurture your own most important relationships.

Mastering communication coaching is essential when it comes to supporting your clients to nurture meaningful relationships, to collaborate more effectively, and to create lives that are on purpose and ripe with contribution.

This intensive will help you differentiate yourself from the coaching crowd in terms of your ability to support people with one of the most important aspects of people’s lives – their most important relationships.

Over two weeks and eight lives two-hour masterclasses you will dive into a holistic set of conscious communication principles and practices that are perfectly suited to facilitating transformational coaching.

Among the core principles and tools you will explore are:

  • How NonViolent Communication can be used to clarify our clients’ values and the key requests they want to make of others.
  • The ReCreation Conversation process that will support you and your clients to shift any relationship dynamic, no matter how difficult.
  • HOT – a model for ensuring we express ourselves Honestly, Openly and Transparently with all people, always.
  • LIPS – the four core skills of conscious communication: Listening; Inquiry; Presence; Speech.
  • The Heart of Love approach to communication which emphasizes how we can use acknowledgment and gratitude to nurture our relationships.
  • A Confronting Communication process for skillfully addressing issues, creating boundaries, and building trust in challenging situations.
  • The Platinum Rule which clarifies how we can support our clients to express their desires and needs and elicit the same from others.

Core benefits include:

  • Become more confident in supporting people to have quality relationships
  • Translate insights into actionable conversations
  • Learn how to role-play conversations to build confidence
  • Empower your clients to navigate and resolve tough interpersonal problems
  • Support people to take unconditional responsibility within their relationships
  • experience deeper intimacy and fulfilment in within their relationships
  • deepen relationships and strengthen bonds with the people that matter most in their life 

Early Bird: $695 USD

General: $795 USD

Your investment will give you:

  • An introductory 1:1 call so we can learn about your unique context
  • 8 x 2 hour live Masterclasses
  • 1 x 90 minute post program Q&A
  • Over 100 pages of business building materials specifically crafted for coaches, consultants and therapists
  • Access to a group of other like-minded, ambitious professionals
  • Membership to our Coaching Alumni group

Great communication coaching begins with our own
level of communication mastery.

Learn a little about what it means to become a voice for love.

Lead teacher


Cairo has been a professional teacher for over twenty years, a coach for over a decade, and devoted communicator since he could talk.

Having been on an evolutionary path since his early twenties, Cairo has integrated, created and applied many communication methodologies in various professional contexts over the last two decades.

Cairo has used a broad variety of conscious communication strategies to transform dynamics in his own life and to help countless others do the same. He is committed to growing the conscious communication movement.

Support teacher

Emily Boyd

Emily is a transpersonal facilitator, coach and consultant who has worked with global corporations, SMEs and small businesses.

Emily, seemingly effortlessly, brings the best out of others and makes learning a joy. She has a great ability to bring awareness to patterns of communication and assist people in collaborating joyfully and effectively.

Her chief professional passions lie in empowering people and organizations through learning, growth and positive change. In fact, learning, growth and evolutionary change are her chief personal passions too!

Core take aways

How you will take your coaching to the next level

Communication toolkit

Gain a plethora of tools that will support you and your clients to skillfully navigate any important relationship.


Learn to hear deeper than story and to identify the principles at play in your clients' relationships.

Improve your role play skills

Become a confident role-player of crucial conversations so your clients leave ready to take action.

Master Meta-Communication

Become adept at creating clear contexts, deep trust and understanding by mastering metacommunication.

Program Inclusions


8 x 2 hour live Masterclasses over 2 weeks and a follow up Q&A one month later to support your integration.


Dozens of pages of workbooks to use with your clients so they can take their transformation further.

Membership in our alumni

Membership in our exclusive Creator Coaching Alumni giving you access to ongoing support and specials.

Are you ready?

Join us to take your skills and impact to the next level.

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