In one another we found a muse, a challenger and a perfect collaborator.

Different as can be, we are united in our love of awakening awareness and inspiring creation.

Our years together birthed a music, a dance, a mindset that brings out the best in each of us…and others!

Over a decade ago we met on the street of a little Thai town. A brief conversation and a plan to meet again turned into a whirlwind romance, a transcontinental move, and the creation of a life together in Australia.

From the outset, our relationship was sourced in growth. We met our match, each of us as hungry as the other to master our minds, hone our gifts and honor our calling. Together we embarked on an adventure into our innermost workings and were blessed to receive a shared education from many inspiring teachers and traditions.

Central to our journey of awakening was our experience of community. In an amazing group of people from all walks of life, we explored the path of the spiritual warrior, inspiring and holding one another to account, week in week out for several years.

It was during this time we started co-facilitating transformational work. We began with intimacy work and fell in love with collaborating together. We expanded what we’re up to by creating workshops and retreats with one another and a variety of partners. After a few years of hosting everything from men’s and women’s work, to bodywork and couples’ programs, to purpose and mindset intensives, we co-created a full year program called The Craft, which we ran together in 2013.

And then came children!

After a year of balancing professional and family commitments, we realized what we valued most. In a few action-packed months, we sold our home, let go of most of our possessions and flew into our dreams. We made this choice to be with each other, our girls and to give ourselves fully to what we had long known was our true calling.

Ever since we have been pouring our energy into this enterprise, synthesizing our gifts, passions and skills,  crafting content, events and services, growing our vision, honing our message, and consolidating the foundation for Self Craft to become a truly powerful force for joy, self-expression, contribution, abundance and love to flourish in the lives of people across the world.

Now, as the co-CEOs of Self Craft, we are doing life-changing work with people from across three continents as we move between several homes, building new communities, and connecting with visionaries, teachers and collaborators in many countries.

Our ideal is our everyday. Our ‘daily grind’ involves bouncing inspiring ideas, crafting fun ways to support others, doing our best to walk our talk and co-creating an enterprise we believe in heart and soul.

And all of this takes place within a lifestyle in which we are able to honor everything that is dearest to us – our family, our friends, our love of adventure, our call to contribution, and our personal passions and wellbeing.

Oh! And we live in the same little Thai where we met all those years ago. Come and visit us some time!

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