Creation begins with Being

Our coaching philosophy can be described in one word: ‘behave.’

Hidden in plain sight, ‘behave’ points to a profound truth: as you be so you have.

Often people think when I have this, I will be able to do that and then I will be happy. This notion is back to front and puts the power outside of you.

True power is going after your dreams while being and giving your best every step, with every breath.

Creator Coaching is a pioneering, integral methodology that focuses on mastery of the body-mind and authentically owning your creative powerThis work will bring you choice about how you process phenomena, experience life and show up.

Creator Coaching is where the spiritual meets the practical and the personal meets the professional. It is a space in which you can create who you are here to Be and the experience of life you want to Have.

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Awaken Awareness

Radically Release

Consciously Create


As coaches our core focus is to support you to Awaken Awareness, Radically Release limiting patterns and beliefs, and Consciously Create your life.

Within Creator Coaching, the coaching relationship begins with a focus on bringing your awakened nature to whatever is of most importance to you.

Awakening awareness is always the first step. With awareness, you can consciously choose what you want to maintain and what you’d prefer to release and let go of.

As you master the ability to awaken awareness and radically release, you will naturally intuit how to consciously create your inner state, your thoughts, beliefs, speech, actions, relationships and projects, in ways that bring you deep fulfillment and empower your contributions to others and the world.

We call this process of Awakening Awareness, Radically Releasing and Consciously Creating, the ARC of Creation.

Our promise is: mastering the real-time application of ARC is a guaranteed pathway to living an inspired and fulfilling life.


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Creator Coaching is holistic and integral. Designed to support people across the full spectrum of life, our work attends to the three primary dimensions that we all experience:

  • Your relationship to yourself – aka the intrapersonal
  • Your relationship to others – aka the interpersonal
  • Your relationship to the greater whole – aka the transpersonal

In practice, this means we support people to magnify their personal wellbeing by transforming their MINDSET, to nurture and deepen their RELATIONSHIPS, and to uplevel their BUSINESS and/or VOCATION.

Given we only work with people for sustained periods of time, with Creator Coaching you will integrate each of these streams so that each supports the other.

To learn more about these aspects of Creator Coaching, read the short descriptors below or follow the links to go into greater detail.

Mindset Coaching awakens awareness, shifts limiting beliefs, and brings forth a level of confidence and clarity that enables you to savour challenges, seize the day and meet life with wholehearted trust and joy. Transform your mind and you’ll transform the world.

Relationship Coaching nurtures connection and transforms challenging dynamics into opportunities for understanding and growth. You will become a master communicator and create the conditions for respect and trust to flourish.

Business Coaching unearths opportunities, aligns your actions with your values, hones your core messages, builds leadership and business acumen, and strategically accelerates your inner and outer development and success.

Vocation Coaching supports you to live your calling, build your value, elevate your income and magnify your impact. You will grow your vision, reverse engineer success, and become increasingly joyful as you approach your work as play.


The skills that go into Creator Coaching are extremely diverse.

To help you understand the explicit ways we work with our clients we have created names for the many hats we wear with a little description of the function of each:

  • Curious Cat – asking you questions that awaken awareness and invite conscious creation.
  • Belief Buster – spotting, challenging and supporting you to turn around outmoded beliefs.
  • Coachsultant – using a range of skills to help execute high leverage actions in real time.
  • Strategist – supporting you to clarify ideas, structure strategies and prioritize actions.
  • Devil’s Advocate – challenging assumptions and advocating alternate views.
  • Guide – working with meditations and dialogical visualizations.
  • Sir Jester – sharing suggestions and ideas based on observation or intuition.
  • Jokester – bringing playfulness and humor to the tough stuff.
  • Mirror Mirror – reflecting observations of behavior and language.
  • Wordsworth – nurturing language fits with what you want to experience and create.
  • Spectactor – role-playing and rehearsing important conversations with you.
  • Confidant – being a safe and confidential space for you to share absolutely anything.
  • Accountability Buddy – helping you keep your word and maintain integrity.
  • Ass Kicker – respectfully revealing tough truths and challenging you to step up.
  • Cheerleader – affirming you as you play the game of life!

It's your choice how you BeHave


The ultimate human attribute is the power to create.

While humans have always had a unique ability to envisage new possibilities and bring them to life, our capacity to consciously create our lives and this world has never been greater.

The information age has made empowering ideas and practices instantly accessible to us all ushering in the age of the creator.

In this new age, we can have it all. Happiness. Confidence, Abundance. And the greatest purpose imaginable: the transformation of our collective destiny towards a global humanity of the heart.

Even though our opportunity to live lives of joy, freedom, and contribution is greater than ever, the consciousness that has got us to where we are won’t take us to where we want to go.

Creator Coaching evolves consciousness by bringing awareness to limiting patterns of thought, belief, speech and action, facilitating their release and inviting people into a new creative orientation to all aspects of life.

This work can support you to envisage and enact greater possibilities than you’d ever allowed yourself to imagine. It will support you to continually expand your horizons, access new depths, and truly own your creative power.

To bring these ideas down from the clouds and ground them in what they would practically mean for you and your life, apply for one of our free two-hour Creation Sessions today…and expect miracles to happen.

Apply for a miracle Creation Session

An Empowering and Inspiring 2-Hour Conversation…for Free!