“I have been guided into seeing the bigger picture of myself so gently and in such a profound manner… I moved from a situation in which I was jobless and my savings running out, into an inspired, motivated, daring and empowered state. I am now a leader in my field and am earning more than enough money! You were right on the spot helping me to be who I am. I love and thank you so much!”

Shay Zluf, Lead Developer, Synereo

Mel“I just want to say a massive thank you to Cairo and the Self Craft team for supporting me on my successful crowdfunding campaign. I did six sessions throughout the duration of my campaign and was supported in realizing my vision and in creating the action steps that would get me there. I highly recommend working with this team!”

Mel Dobra, Singer/Songwriter and Facilitator

Richie“I love working with Cairo! His great tone and energy allows me to really open up and feel comfortable being vulnerable and honest about many important aspects of my life. Highly recommended to anyone wanting to explore why and how they do what they do and anyone wanting to be their best selves for their own and other people’s best interests. Important work!

Richard Brancatisano, Actor

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Tina“Kaylan was able to mirror me and guide me in an empowering and skillful way that enabled me to see myself with renewed clarity and connect directly to my own inner knowing. Our session was invaluable in its gift of supporting me to realise what’s truly important to me at this stage of my life & to prioritise initiating daily movements to embody my goals. Thanks so much Kaylan! Highly recommended.

Tina Nance, Entrepreneur and Yoga Teacher Trainer

Lia“Thank you so much Kaylan! I felt well held to go deep and specific both strategically and intuitively. I felt inspired by your use of language, thoughts, ideas and boundaries. I finished with a nourishing sense of on track, backed and heard. I have been able to integrate what we covered and be uplifted since. Loved it! I have highly recommended you to my networks.”

Lia Smith, Wellness Practitioner and Consultant

Simi“I received a session with Kaylan. I was blown away beyond my expectations. Her ability to hold space, to reflect in her joyful yet sincere manner, allowed me to trust and go deeper within to glean some clarity that I was really needing. I look forward to further exploration and wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her as a coach, mentor, healer, shaman, alchemist to anyone. She’s a true gem.”

Simi Sutton, Healer and Entrepreneur


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An Activating, Miracle Making Conversation for Pro-active, Big Game Players


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Joni“The effect and guidance I experienced after only one session is a true blessing and something I will be forever grateful for. It has created much more than I could have expected and gave me back my focus and trust when I thought I had lost it. I can absolutely recommend the work with Cairo (or Kaylan) to anyone who is in need of some guidance or support and is looking for truly authentic and personal coaching.”

Joni Siahailatua, Writer and Entrepreneur

Elizabeth“I had a session with Cairo, and his professionalism and care were outstanding. He explained each step with such joy and attention, creating a trusting environment. In a very sincere and humble way, he relied on his experiences to meet my process. I recommend everyone who wants to have a skillful witness to the unfold of your process to get in touch with him. You will not be disappointed.”

Elizabeth Faria, Psychologist and Mindfulness Teacher

Garry“I have known Cairo for a few years and have always experienced him as a deeply insightful, beautiful, loving, caring, totally up for connection and very playful human being. The creator process has given me time to really look at my life and create the life I really want. Sessions are fun, challenging and transforming. I highly recommend Cairo and Selfcraft for supporting you to create the life you deserve.”

Garry Luke, Owner and Practitioner at Muscle Therapy Australia

Bek“My Self Craft Coaching session with Kaylan was profound. I felt deeply received, heard, acknowledged, and guided to the wisdom and knowing that resided within me! I highly recommend working with Kaylan and Cairo with all of the services that they offer. They are both humbly and honestly dedicated to their own upliftment and evolution and this is a contagious quality that I feel is naturally received through their presence and expertise.”

Rebekah Ray, Musician, Facilitator and Teacher


“I recently had a Skype session with Cairo about unblocking mental and emotional habits and learning how to ‘Steer my own ship’ and be present and active in creating the reality that I want. It was an exceptional session and very inspiring. The session was extremely productive, efficient and organized with plenty of fun and laughter in the way he approaches and engages. I highly recommend his services!”

Vashti Sivell, Composer, Musician and Teacher


“I had a fantastic session with Kaylan! Kaylan shared some useful tools for me to think about my values and the goals that stem from them. All in all, it has been an enriching, thought-provoking experience thus far. I have no hesitation in recommending Kaylan as a coach. She has a beautiful blend of loving kindness and probing insight that can help people uncover personal blocks and stretch past their comfort zone.”

Shanil Samarakoon, CEO Empower Projects and UNSW University Lecturer

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Lulu Prem“Cairo is a real blessing. He is with you every step of the way, wears many hats and meets you were you are at. I love this! You can be charging through life and need a little tune up or maybe there are some big walls that you have no idea how to get over. I highly recommend working with Cairo. Never have I celebrated my magnificence so greatly. Thank you and look forward to working with you again.”

Lulu Prem Hogg, Facilitator, Teacher and Musician at Lulu and Mischka Music

Anastasha“Cairo’s gentle and compassionate coaching style builds rapport and trust within the first few minutes. Then his true skill emerges – his ability to get to the heart of the matter through precision questioning, sharp listening skills, and fearless honesty. A great mix of reprogramming conditioning, meditation to expand my state, looking at values and mapping out a strategy.”

Anastasha Grace Deyour, Biz Dev at Flow Hives

Carolyn“I had an eye opening, very grounding session with Kaylan. She helped me tap into some true gems within myself that will assist me towards my goals for this year and for years to come. Very grateful to both Kaylan and Cairo for their incredible work and highly recommend either of them for anyone seeking clarity and fulfillment through the benefits that coaching can bring.”

Carolyn Woodfield, Product Dev at World Health Ltd


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An Activating, Miracle Making Conversation for Pro-active, Big Game Players


Nikka“I was impressed by how many revelations Cairo was able to inspire in me and how much we were able to accomplish in such a short amount of time – all while having a fun time. The entire session felt natural, joyful, inspiring and productive. Truly, Cairo is a gifted coach who brings his soul to his work. I highly recommend him to anyone who is feeling the call to live their highest potential.”

Nikka Umil, Biz Development

Maria“The years of learning and living great teachings really show when working with Cairo and Kaylan. I felt seen, heard and understood in a beautiful and deep way, which helped open my eyes and heart to many things in my life (and gave me) practical tools to go away and implement to keep moving forward in the areas important to me. Amazing work. Thanks for all you’re doing, and being of service to so many people.”

Maria Gonzalez, Project Manager at Vivacity Health

Dave 2“I have never met anyone who puts his heart and soul into teaching and coaching as much as Cairo. However deep he invites you to reach you can be sure that he has already been there himself. Multitalented, Cairo offers a very rich experience. He has a zest for life and will invite you to experience it as fully as he does. He will be there willing you on to expand your boundaries and grow your soul.”

Dave Harvey, Senior Project Manager