Joy,   Abundance,  Contribution  and  Love!


activate and nurture a global movement of empowered creators dedicated to love and joy flourishing in their lives and beyond, through inspiring content, transformational experiences, and our version of daring greatly.

We believe we are all on a hero’s journey and we are committed to supporting people in actualizing life’s greatest possibilities and owning their creative power!

We seek to redefine established notions of creativity. You, your relationships, your community and your society are your greatest creative masterworks.

We have a vision of a world of wholehearted people who own their creative power, experience authentic and caring relationships with themselves, one another and all life, and know that the true joy in life is ‘being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one.’

Self Craft aims to play a meaningful role in bringing this vision to life. Already our work is having a powerful impact on the well-being and success of people all over the world and our capacity to serve is expanding rapidly as we continue to roll out new offerings.


Below is a broad brushstroke version of our present and some likely futures:

  • We have crafted Creator Coaching, one-on-one coaching with special abilities to elevate our clients’ wellbeing while achieving profound results within their careers, businesses, relationships and projects.
  • We host life-changing workshops and retreats that are celebrated for their depth, fun and power to awaken wisdom and turn insight into inspired action.
  • We are rolling out online life-design and entrepreneurship programs that we believe will make us a go-to online learning provider with a reputation for making web-based programs practical, transformational and inspiring.
  • Soon we will be introducing the world to what we call ‘Theraparty.’ This event-based fusion of games, dance, music, reflection and dialogue, offers an entirely unique experience of celebration, awakening and love in action.
  • Our five-year vision is to have a fully functioning Creator Academy with headquarters South-East Asia and people coming from across the world for intensive trainings in Creator Coaching, Facilitation and Leadership.
  • Our ten-year vision involves partnering with other communication, facilitation and leadership practitioners and funding a foundation that offers conflict resolution services and empowering programs for aspiring social entrepreneurs around the world.


We continuously expand Self Craft’s capabilities through partnering with inspired practitioners in the fields of life design, career transformation, leadership development, entrepreneurialism, holistic well-being and conscious creation.

If you are interested in being involved in our evolving vision, be in touch. It’s amazing what can come out of collaborative conversations!



We keep our word, walk our talk and aspire to live by our core values and principles at all times.


We come from the heart, nurture connection and are guided by the question, "What would love do?"


We relate to our clients and collaborators as creators with unique and magnificent gifts.


We delight in the inherent richness of the moment, relate to money as love and cultivate the energy and wealth to fulfil the hearts' desires.


We nurture joy through authenticity, lightheartedness, approaching goals as games, and taking every opportunity to practice gratitude and celebrate life!


Self Craft exists to support people to live their calling and give your greatest gifts. We are wholeheartedly committed giving our best to the actualization of your purpose.


Located across three continents, our team is comprised of coaches, consultants, teachers and savants who offer inspiring services across a variety of platforms. In addition to their work with Self Craft, these folks are up to a host of other extraordinary things.