What is the nature of love?

How can we practice love towards ourselves?

How can we nurture loving connection those we care for most?

What can we do to restore loving relations with those we view as our antagonists?

One steamy night on a Thai island we were having an inspiring conversation about our calling and purpose.

The question, “What would love do?” emerged and this project was born.

Thus began a whirlwind education in the videography and documentary making.

Within two months of that first conversation, we had gathered all the tools necessary and had organized interviews with “love experts” across the breadth of America. 

Over the last year and a half, we have interviewed spiritual teachers, activists, therapists, indigenous elders, and inspiring business people across the United States, Canada, South-East Asia and Australia.

We’ve met so many amazing people and learned so much in the process.

However, collating this vast reservoir of material is a very gradual work in progress.

Come back for updates as we gradually distill the wisdom we’ve gathered.