Own your gifts. Live your passions.

Take your work to a whole new level

Pai, Thailand – January 26, 27, 29, 30, 31, 2020

Koh Phangan, Thailand – February 3rd to 7th, 2020

Sydney, Australia – March 23rd to 27th 2020

Seattle, USA – April 20th to 24th, 2020

Price: $1000 AUD / 20,000 BAHT


Many people working in one-on-one services know they are capable of so much more than their status quo. Yet, while they sense the possibility of greater fulfillment, impact and success, they are often held back in various ways.

If this is you, get ready to take your game to a whole new level.

The Great Work is designed to support coaches, consultants and therapists to magnify their impact, build their unique blueprint for sustained success, and deepen their everyday joy and fulfillment.

Over five action-packed days you will own your gifts, hone your core messages, evolve your core offerings, build your sales skills and learn how to consistently generate inspiring and high paying clients.


You will deepen your understanding of your prospects’ core needs and highest aspirations and hone your ability to express how you are uniquely capable of supporting them.

Our community-based professional development approach creates a connected, fun and challenging space in which the collective momentum will help you to stretch yourself and become unstoppable.

Our strategies for monetizing your gifts, passions and skills, at higher levels are straightforward and rock solid.

This practical, life-changing experience will support you to live your dream life, serve your ideal clients, and take your work to new levels of success and contribution. It will help you own your personal legend and your unique mission within the Great Work of the times we live in.

Among the core aspects of the process are:

  • Unearthing and defining your deeper why or purpose
  • Crystalizing your end game and dream life
  • Owning your gifts including your greatest talents and core traits
  • Aligning your work with your greatest passions
  • Auditing the many skills you’ve learned throughout your lifetime
  • Creating an inspiring contract or client agreement
  • Expressing yourself with freedom and authenticity when you’re in front of the camera
  • Creative, lateral and critical thinking techniques
  • Integrating positive psychology principles
  • Applying our super simple, CRISP business model
  • Developing a 60 day post retreat strategy


If you are ready for take off, the Great Work will be your ignition and rocket-fuel.




PRICE: $1,000 AUD




Cairo has been coaching in a variety of contexts for over a decade. Having first coached within a corporate leadership consultancy, he moved on to specialising in intimacy coaching, before becoming a full spectrum coach primarily supporting ambitious and ethical entrepreneurs.

Over the last two years, with his wife Kaylan, he has grown Self Craft from a two-person show to an enterprise comprising over two dozen contributors and a growing core team.

He has scaled his own prices up over 600% over this time, coaching successful business scaling, marriage transformations, career changes, crowdfunding campaigns and more for clients from across five continents.

He has also supported new coaches to gain their first clients and build sustainable practices while also helping established coaches magnify their impact and business success.

His approaches to coaching and to the all important business side of the equation, are heart-centered, down to earth and pragmatic. His experience as a self-starter and inspiring leader means he is well equipped to support you whatever the scale of your aspirations. 

  • “I was able to reach a new stage of understanding myself, others and the world”


  • “A wonderful journey of personal and professional discovery”


  • “My company has gone from a level close to zero to prosperous before the end classes ” 


Many of people working in the one-on-one services aspire to live a thriving life rich in money and meaning. Armed with a catalogue of valuable skills to help personal transformation, passion to serve others and with a strong desire to change the world around us. Yet, while they sense the possibility of greater fulfillment, impact and success, they are often held back in various ways.

We are passionate about our work and inspire holistic practitioners to take their business to the next level. This course is rich with practical skills, exercises and reflections that we combine with insightful personal inquiry, your innate qualities and experiences to create a custom strategy that works for you. We hope to see you soon for this transformational work. 



Self Craft is a growing coaching and intimate educational organization based in Pai, Thailand. We are built upon a spiritual warrior philosophy of taking ownership of our wellbeing and the world around us.

Our mission is to activate and nurture a global movement of empowered creators dedicated to love and joy flourishing in their lives and the world around them by daring greatly.

Our one-on-one coaching, courses, workshops and events guide Creators through a hero’s journey based on our Creator Coaching philosophy. Built on a foundation of understanding our values, principles, gifts, passions and skills, we dare Creators to dream big and take inspired action in the areas of life that matter the most. 

Self Craft’s flagship Creator Coaching Program supports people to integrate transformational coaching skills, apply profound tools of self-mastery and create their own profitable coaching business. Our focus on personal transformation is vital because we can only coach as deep as we go ourselves.

Our transformational courses empower holistic entrepreneurs, coaches, and growth-focused individuals to implement coaching theory, practices and exercises into their lives and businesses. We believe in actualizing life’s greatest possibilities and owning our creative power!