Button 13Nicole Cura, Sydney

“We would like to thank Kaylan for helping us to reignite our passion for each other again after 11 years in a relationship. As a couple we had struggled after having 2 young children, as well as other challenges which we considered counseling for, but after seeing Kaylan we now have remembered all the good qualities that drew us together in the first place. As a result we have consciously created a new relationship, getting to know each other in a more loving, intimate and vulnerable way, which has allowed us to heal the hurts, let go of the past and start anew which presents us with an exciting new bright future. Consequently as our hearts have opened, my other relationships have improved from this shift, and I have seen that all areas of life have improved including more enjoyment and abundance in my work. For this reason I would highly recommend Kaylan to you and your partner.”

Button 15Dave Harvey, Project Manager, Sydney

“I have never met anyone who puts his heart and soul into teaching and coaching as much as Cairo.  Whatever he is offering, however deep he invites you to reach you can be sure that he has already been there himself.  He has a zest for life and will invite you to experience it as fully as he does. He will be there willing you on to expand your boundaries and grow your soul.”

Button 07Dr Misty Gargan, Chiropractor

“Kaylan is passionate about continued learning to better serve her clients and she always treats every person as an individual to help them with their unique goals and needs. Kaylan consistently provides high level of care with deep genuine warmth and concern.”

Button 06Melanie Lambert, Communications Officer, NSW

“Cairo is a demonstration of an actualised human being. His keen dedication to authentic self expression and wanting to make a profound difference has created in him a magnificence that is awe inspiring. I would not doubt that anyone would be in good hands with this man of honour and courage. I give him a high rating for integrity, honesty and a willingness to look at one’s own illusions as well as insightfully shatter others when asked to. He is an empowering speaker, facilitator and teacher with a talent for creating for people an understanding of complex ideas in a new way. I salute him for his passion and dedication to living a life of meaning, joy and creativity.”

Button 16Anonymity maintained by request

“We cannot thank Cairo enough for guiding us back to one another. The stresses of life had really clouded over our connection and life seemed to be about getting through the day and taking care of the needs of the children and running the household. We were headed for splitsville – we were lost and we couldn’t do it alone! At first it was daunting to let someone into our home and reveal our unfulfilled deepest desires for our relationship but Cairo has a very special gift of creating a safe and sacred space where healing can happen. With Cairo’s guidance, the clouds started to shift between us, we learnt valuable techniques to see, appreciate and honour the essence of the other. I started to feel my heart open in love and gratitude again and this not only enriched my relationship with my partner but it enriched my relationship with myself, my children, and my friends. It takes ongoing work and effort but the rewards are plentiful and surprising and always worth it. We know that making the decision to nurture our connection by getting help before it was too late was a turning point in our lives. Thank you for your gifts Cairo.”