The Self Craft Crew is an eclectic team of wise, fun coaches and facilitators.

Each of us has unique and powerful ways of empowering you as a creator.

Uniting us all is our shared commitment to your joy, contribution and fulfillment.

Cairo Rha

One of Self Craft’s CEOs, Cairo loves catalyzing awakening, enabling freedom of self-expression and empowering people to live their calling. With a background spanning teaching, consultancy, facilitation, coaching and the creative arts, Self Craft has given Cairo the opportunity to integrate his diverse passions and gifts. Cairo is committed to people living lives they love while making powerful contributions. He is also oddly fascinated with the word ‘behave.’

Kaylan Rha

Kaylan, Self Craft’s other CEO, knew she was here to make a difference at a young age. She has over 15 years experience as a holistic therapist and brings playfulness and depth to all she does. As a coach, teacher and facilitator Kaylan has a unique ability to bring light and joy to the tough stuff, to create spaces in which you can easily access your innate wisdom, and has a unique knack for getting people into states of booty shaking bliss!

Emily Boyd

Emily is a transpersonal facilitator, coach and consultant who has worked with global corporations, SMEs and small businesses. She has a great ability to bring awareness to patterns of communication and assist people in collaborating joyfully and effectively. Her chief professional passions lie in empowering people and organizations through learning, growth and positive change.

Dave Harvey

Dave has delivered more transformational projects than he can remember and held senior management positions in a variety of industries and countries. For decades he’s been committed to ongoing learning, actively seeking out new challenges and leadership opportunities. Dave is an ardent student of nature and has participated in many extended vision quests. He is currently writing a novel, learning the guitar, project managing a multi-national I.T. project and offering leadership coaching through Self Craft.

Sarah-Jane Potts

In her ever-deepening quest to understand WTF is going on, and how our deepest awakening can be accessed, Sarah-Jane has done things most of us would never dream of. As an initiated medicine woman, Sarah has been leading transformational ceremonies and workshops internationally for over 20 years. Sarah is also a clinical hypnotherapist, a master NLP practitioner, a successful serial entrepreneur and a brilliant life purpose coach. Her work has great vitality, a reverent playfulness and brings forth our native open-heartedness.

Campbell Wilson

Campbell is a well-being coach and facilitator with a true Renaissance man background! He is a yoga teacher and a teacher of yoga teachers. He is an award-winning editor and videographer having contributed to socially conscious media projects the world over. As a musician, he has played stadiums and recorded with bands as big as INXS. He brings an innovative and inspiring approach to self-care and is here to empower your vitality and holistic health.

Redlyn Parker

Redlyn’s purpose in life is to soulfully empower people on their courageous journey to transformation. She comes from a lineage of ‘Wild Women” who taught her to walk to the beat of her own drum. Redlyn is a powerful healer with a vast array of skills from her background spanning psychology, bodywork, traditional spiritual lineages and coaching. She also works with a number of breathwork modalities that she offers within Self Craft retreats and programs.

Mischka Prem

Once upon a time, Mischka traversed Germany drumming up a storm with his rock band wherever he went. Once he became a global gypsy, his commitment to a broad range of spiritual practices brought him to this sincere dedication: to live from the heart, quieten the mind and awaken the bliss that is dormant underneath all noise of worldly life. He now shares his music, meditative and intimacy work around the world.

Lulu Prem Hogg

Growing up in her parent’s pub with the bar’s speakers directly under her bedroom, music has always been a part of Lulu’s life. She is a full-time international traveler taking her music, holistic coaching and intimacy facilitation primarily between Europe and Austalia. Her power and purity allow her to reach deep into people’s hearts and inspire them to embrace life’s greatest possibilities.

James Yates

James brings a rare combination of dynamic energy and kind-heartedness to all he does. James started his professional career as a Performance Coach in the Fitness industry, where he trained high performing clients, including  Olympic athletes. Since he has become one of the world’s leading network marketers. He is passionate about empowering people’s dreams and their ability to be of service to others. Just recently James was voted one of the world’s TOP 3 Coaches for 2017 on Business For Home.