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A 2 Hour Miracle Making Conversation for Pro-active, Big Game Players

You can learn a lot about Creator Coaching on this website…but there’s no substitute for direct experience. If you want to dive in, we offer a limited number of free Creation Sessions each month.

These sessions showcase the power and impact of Creator Coaching in 2 special hours. We allow 2 hours so we can really get your context and make real strides in one or more key areas of your life.

Our time is precious, as is yours. Please only apply if you are committed to making great things happen and you’re open to the possibility of working with a coach into the future.


One of Self Craft’s CEOs, Cairo loves provoking awakening and empowering people to courageously live their highest purpose. With a background spanning coaching, consultancy, facilitation, teaching, the therapeutic and creative arts, Cairo is uniquely equipped to take you as deep as you dare while propelling your dreams towards their fulfillment.

Cairo brings the spiritual and practical, the professional and the personal, together seamlessly. He has a track record of supporting people to turbocharge businesses and careers while transforming their relationships and attaining new levels of self-mastery.  

He is also wild about the words…especially the word ‘behave.’


Kaylan, Self Craft’s other CEO, knew she was here to make a difference at a young age, learning from master teachers across the world. She has over 15 years experience as a holistic therapist and coach and balances a kick-ass attitude with tender compassion to inspire profound life transformations.

As a coach, teacher and facilitator Kaylan has a unique ability to bring lighthearted depth to the tough stuff. She is also masterful at creating spaces in which people access their innate courage and wisdom, with grace and ease.

With a core purpose of awakening joy, Kaylan has a special knack for supporting people to access sustained states of bliss!




Creator Coaching is about owning your creative power and taking total responsibility for your life. The ultimate goals are to support you in deepening your joy, peace and freedom, and your capacity to give and receive love.

Having said this, Creator Coaching is where the personal meets the professional, and the spiritual meets the practical. The coaching relationship can address specific personal projects, key relationships, general conditions in your life or profession, habits of thought, speech and action, your holistic health, core beliefs and values, and the gifts you bring to life.

Our pioneering methodology focuses on accessing your awakened nature. From this basis you will create life in ways that bring you deep fulfillment and empower your contributions to others and the world.


Coaching Fuels Evolution

Your Hero's Journey



We pride ourselves on facilitating integrated transformation and success in our clients’ lives. Such results are best achieved through consistent willingness to relate to oneself, others and life in alignment with your deepest values.

Your Hero’s Journey is a 6 to 9 month coaching experience unlike any other that is designed to take you deeper and further than you’ve ever imagined was possible.

It will ask you to bring your best to all you do – to be your best self and live your best life with no settling for anything less. From our extensive market research, there is nothing else out there quite like Your Hero’s Journey in terms of scope or depth.

Not everyone is ready for this. Your Hero’s Journey is only for people who are willing to relate to themselves and their lives with ongoing courage, commitment and openness to transformation.

If you hear the call to adventure and are ready to be the hero of your own life, explore the Your Hero’s Journey page or be in touch to find out more.



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An Activating, Miracle Making Conversation for Pro-active, Big Game Players