Coaching Confronting Conversations

Learn a communication coaching tool that will empower your clients to transform their most important and difficult relationships.

October 19th

  • 9am-11am London
  • 3pm-5pm Bangkok +7 GMT
  • 6-8pm Sydney

Breathe new life into stuck relationships

Most of your clients likely have one or more relationships in their lives that they would like to transform. 

While they may be tempted to focus on how they wish the ‘other’ would change, true power lies in taking unconditional responsibility for their role in the relationship and what they want going forward. 

The ReCreation Conversation puts the power and responsibility in your clients’ hands and offers a graceful process for creating transformationa shifts in stuck dynamics. 

This Masterclass is for established coaches and holistic therapists who want to upskill quickly so they can work with their clients on their most important relationships at an even deeper level.

Our Masterclasses are designed to help you integrate coaching and therapeutic tools in real time so that you can apply them within your work immediately.

Having effective communication coaching tools such as the ReCreation Conversation is essential when it comes to supporting your clients to nurture meaningful relationships. The ReCreation Conversation contains a seemingly magical code that enables people to intervene and recreate stuck dynamics. We have seen this tool stimulate profound transformations in parent-child relationships, marriages, business partnerships and more.

Integrating this tool will help you serve your clients more effectively and give you an important point of differentiatiation in the marketplace given by improving your ability to support people with a key aspect of life – taking responsibility for what they are bringing to their most important relationships.

Throughout this two-hour masterclass you will learn key principles of shadow work and gain practical tools that you can use in session and that can be given to your clients as inner work that they can do at home.

Our facilitative approach creates a safe space for you to be able to experiment and apply the tools in a dynamic way.

During our time together you will:

  • Learn the six key elements of a ReCreation Conversation including ownership, acknowledging what we’ve gained from the status quo, articulating the costs, setting intentions, making clear requests, and asking key questions.
  • Apply the ReCreation Conversation to your own life through a process of reflection and co-coaching.
  • Integrate the metacommunication principles that will enable you to use this effectively with your clients and that will set them up for success when they use the ReCreation Conversation in their lives.

You will likely use the tools you gain in this Masterclass in dozens to hundreds of your sessions to come creating an amazing return on investment.

Core benefits of integrating the ReCreation Conversation into your coaching toolkit include:

  • Feel confident in your ability to empower your clients to navigate and resolve tough interpersonal problems and to nurture quality relationships
  • Clarify how you can best support people to take unconditional responsibility within their relationship
  • Skillfully help your clients to translate their insights into actionable conversations
  • Learn how to role-play this conversation to build your clients’ clarity about what they want to communicate and their confidence in how they can best do so.

Early Bird: $65 USD

General: $75 USD

Your investment will give you:

  • 2 hour live Masterclasses
  • 2 inner work booklets to support your clients within and outside your sessions
  • Access to a group of other like-minded, ambitious professionals

Great communication coaching begins with our own
level of communication mastery.

Learn a little about what it means to become a voice for love.

Lead teacher


Cairo has been a professional teacher for over twenty years, a coach for over a decade, and devoted communicator since he could talk.

Having been on an evolutionary path since his early twenties, Cairo has integrated, created and applied many communication methodologies in various professional contexts over the last two decades.

Cairo has used a broad variety of conscious communication strategies to transform dynamics in his own life and to help countless others do the same. He is committed to growing the conscious communication movement.

Core take aways

How you will take your coaching to the next level

A Tool For Transformation

You will find that the this one tool can be used powerfully in a great variety of client contexts.


Learn to hear deeper than story and to identify the principles at play in your clients' relationships.

Improve your role play skills

Become a confident role-player of the ReCreation Conversation so your clients are ready to take action.


Become adept at creating clear contexts, deep trust and understanding by mastering metacommunication.

Program Inclusions

Masterclass training

1 x 2 hour live Masterclass and access to a follow up Q&A via our members only Alumni Facebook page.

inner work workbooks

Gain access to two powerful workbooks that you can use with your clients to deepen their personal transformations.

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