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Being a coach can give you a great lifestyle, create amazing levels of abundance and bring you deep fulfilment. But the bigger game is not about you. 

The bigger game is the transformation of consciousness itself.

We understand that you can only coach as deep as you’re willing to go, so the Creator Coaching Program supports people to both integrate transformational coaching skills and apply profound tools of self-mastery.

Our online community-based learning is fun and creates collective momentum. Our strategies for monetizing your skills, and integrating all you learn into your work and life are rock solid.

This is a practical, life-changing journey that will empower you to live your dreams, serve your ideal clients with clarity and confidence, and contribute powerfully to the transformation of collective consciousness.


Our coaching philosophy can be described in one word: ‘behave.’

Hidden in plain sight, ‘behave’ points to a profound truth: as you be so you have.

Often people think when I have this, I will be able to do that and then I will be happy. This notion is back to front and puts the power outside of you.

True power is going after your dreams while being and giving your best every step, with every breath.

Creator Coaching is a pioneering, integral methodology that focuses on mastery of the body-mind and authentically owning your creative power. This work will bring you choice about how you process phenomena, experience life and show up.

Creator Coaching is where the spiritual meets the practical and the personal meets the professional. It is a space in which you can create who you are here to Be and the experience of life you want to Have.


Creator Coaching uses a pioneering methodology which brings clarity, confidence and accountability to the areas of life that matter the most.

To support people to own their creative power we use tools gleaned over decades of research, self-mastery work, spiritual practice, business consultancy, work in the therapeutic and creative arts and more. Among the tools at the heart of Creator Coaching are:

  • Best practice inquiry
  • Multi-perspective contemplation
  • Life design processes
  • Project visioning and management structures
  • Conscious communication methodologies
  • Mindfulness and presence tools
  • Visualization and meditative techniques
  • Emotional intelligence principles and practicers 
  • Transformational somatic processes
  • Creative, lateral and critical thinking techniques
  • Shadow work processes
  • Integral life practice structures
  • Positive psychology principles
  • Practical, applied philosophy

As diverse as the toolset is, a Creator Coach’s job is simple: support your clients to Awaken Awareness, Radically Release any limiting patterns or beliefs, and Consciously Create their ideal life.


  • Coach with freedom, confidence and impact.
  • Become a master belief buster.
  • Integrate the skills of deep, precision inquiry.
  • Become a transformational listener.
  • Learn effective ways to deepen personal and professional relationships.
  • Communicate with new levels of skill and confidence.
  • Build your marketing, sales and organization skills.
  • Enjoy self mastery in your personal and professional life.
  • Integrate core values and habits that make you highly effective.
  • Deepen your levels of presence and empathy.
  • Transform the areas of life you care about most.
  • Consistently honor life’s greatest potential.


  • 14 x two-hour Masterclasses
  • 4 x four-hour online Workshops
  • 3 x two-hour Triad Masterminds
  • 1 x Coaching sessions with your teachers
  • 1 x Coaching session with a past graduate
  • 5+ Buddy Coaching sessions
  • Audio and video downloads of all classes
  • A comprehensive personal mastery program 
  • Dozens of unique coaching handouts
  • Simple, effective biz building blueprints 
  • 8+ detailed coaching session scaffolds
  • Membership in inspiring online community
  • Ongoing email and messenger support
  • Pathways to be a Self Craft team member


Creator Coaching is where the practical meets the spiritual and where the personal meets the professional. In other words, Creator Coaches go deep while channelling client insights into action. 

We know the business side of coaching is vital if you want to build or up level a coaching practice. Our CRISP business model will help you generate your ideal clients ASAP. 

We are masters at creating connected learning communities. If you join us, you will build deep friendships that fuel your learning journey. 

We focus equally on self-mastery and skill learning. This supports you to coach more deeply and experience powerful personal transformations throughout the program. 

Yes and no. This program is primarily designed for people who are already professional coaches or who want to be. However, most of the program is focused on skills that will translate perfectly into organizational contexts. 

The first three-quarters of the program are focused purely on transferrable coaching skills with some of the final stages dedicated to taking the skills to market. 

Key business elements covered include defining who you serve, understanding their needs constructing your coaching program, and learning a no-nonsense sales process that you’re likely to employ even before the program is complete. 

Income determinants include niche, client type, and your willingness to own your value. Earning potential for coaches is 6 through 7 figures, although income tends to increase with experience. Our own coaching fees have scaled up over 500% over the last 2 years alone. 

Yes! There are 2 ways to pay for the course: upfront with a 10% discount or in 3 instalments paid throughout the program. There are also 3 price brackets which rise incrementally: early-bird, main round and final prices. 

For more details on our payment options, download the program brochure. 

The Triad element accelerates the integration of key coaching skills. It offers an intimate format in which you coach, are coached and observe other students coaching. 

Within a Triad you will work with one or more specific coaching skills, give and receive feedback, and gain three perspectives that fuel deep and rapid learning. 

Triad groups have 3x sessions together throughout the program and thus create a special sub-community within the broader group.

All Masterclasses and Workshops are recorded and uploaded into the online learning system. You will be able to access and download them the day after the live session. 

Having said this, missing classes is not ideal. We believe in dynamic, participatory and interactive education and if you are absent from class you won’t contribute to the emergent context in which the learning takes place. Additionally, we have a prerequisite of 75% attendance for you to be able to gain the Associate Creator Coach Certification. 


  • More details about the program structure and content
  • Dates and times for all Masterclasses and Workshops
  • Program payment options
  • A comprehensive list of program inclusions
  • The core benefits of this one-of-a-kind program
  • Key distinctions at the heart of our practical philosophy
  • Information about your teachers’ styles and experience
  • The importance of coaching at this point in our social evolution
  • Key questions to see if the Creator Coaching Program is for you
  • Instructions for your next steps to secure your place
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“ Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
Howard Thurman

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