Own your creative power and live your best life!


Creation Sessions are where miracles happen. We’ve seen people come out of a single session with us and transform marriages, family life, careers and much more.

We offer a limited number of sessions to people each month so you can get a practical taste of what Creator Coaching is all about: living your values, owning your creative power, and magnifying your contributions and wellbeing.

We make these sessions two hours long for us to each get a relaxed sense of whether or not we each would like to potentially go on to work with one another.

If you want to apply for a Creation Session your first step is to make sure you agree with the following:

  • You are committed to being pro-active.
  • You are focused on living a life of purpose and contribution.
  • You are intrigued by the role coaching could play in your life.


One of Self Craft’s CEOs, Cairo loves provoking awakening and empowering people to courageously live their highest purpose. With a background spanning coaching, consultancy, facilitation, teaching, the therapeutic and creative arts, Cairo is uniquely equipped to take you as deep as you dare while propelling your dreams towards their fulfillment.

Cairo brings the spiritual and practical, the professional and the personal, together seamlessly. He has a track record of supporting people to turbocharge businesses and careers while transforming their relationships and attaining new levels of self-mastery.  

He is also wild about the words…especially the word ‘behave.’


Kaylan, Self Craft’s other CEO, knew she was here to make a difference at a young age, learning from master teachers across the world. She has over 15 years experience as a holistic therapist and coach and balances a kick-ass attitude with tender compassion to inspire profound life transformations.

As a coach, teacher and facilitator Kaylan has a unique ability to bring lighthearted depth to the tough stuff. She is also masterful at creating spaces in which people access their innate courage and wisdom, with grace and ease.

With a core purpose of awakening joy, Kaylan has a special knack for supporting people to access sustained states of bliss!




James Testimonial from Self Craft on Vimeo.



As coaches, we live to improve the world around us by inspiring like-minded people to live life as the best version of themselves.

Through our Creation Sessions we initiate life transformations by finding out what is most important to you and then using skillful inquiry, neuroscientifically backed processes to awaken insight. and cutting-edge human potential tools to support you to take life-altering actions.

At their essence, Creation Sessions are important conversations that help inspire meaningful change in people’s lives. They are an opportunity to find out what you can do to make your life better and to live a happier life everyday.

Creator Coaching is for people who are committed to taking a total responsibility for their happiness and well-being, and to making powerful contributions to others in their relationships and through their work.

Whether you’re at a crossroads, really want to get traction in key areas of life, are very successful but still dissatisfied, or you simply want to go from strength to strength, we can meet you where you are and walk with you powerfully towards the fulfillment of your heart’s desires.

If you are ready to be a fully responsible creator, we challenge you to join us for a conversation that could change your life.