The term ‘coach’ is confusing for many people because it is a relatively young profession that has been highlighted by a select few famous individuals. So let’s look back at the origins of where it came from, before looking at some of the details of coaching.

Word comes from Koch – people started calling coach a wagon. Moving someone from where they are to where they want to go.
Synonymous with coach. As coaches supported athletes to maximise their potential.

Very few people know that the origins begin in roots the zen buddhist movement. Maintaining and keeping awareness.

Modern coaching started with W. Timothy Gallwey’s The Inner Game of Tennis. Gallwey merged the nexus between sports coaching and spirituality, through this new form of coaching emerged through focusing your awareness of what you bring to this moment.

This form of coaching trains you to become the witness of your consciousness. Maintaining this awareness fully while taking action, you will maximize your effectiveness.

From these roots the modern coaching movement brough inspiration from a wide range of sources including (watch out the list in long!). Many of the most effective practices across a spectrum of fields including:

  • Human development
  • Spiritual traditions
  • Best practice consultancy
  • Business theory and practice
  • Positive Psychology
  • Therapeutic arts
  • Creative thinking
  • Brain training and neuroscience

In short, contemporary, holistic coaching draws insights and lessons , processes and practices from everywhere and anywhere that works. In order to enhance the human experience and our level of effectiveness.

The ultimate human attribute is the power to create.


A simple way to understand the core dimensions of coaching is to imagine a vertical and horizontal axis

Vertical axis – our consciousness. The space we operate from . When we coach from here this allows us to access our deepest insight, our highest inspiration, far seeing perspectives – the inner experience of life.

Horizontal axis – what we want to create in key life areas. Such as health, relationships, career, business, et. This is where coaching has an achievement and visioning orientation.

If we only focus on vertical axis we can go deep but we will fail to go far in terms of changing the structure of people’s lives and the worldly results that they are achieving.

If we only focus on the horizontal we can make things happen, but often are detrimental to the client and the people that are part of their lives. We tend to stay at a surface level of reality, focusing on superficial idea that “if i can only change this or that, my life will be better”. Yet life is an integrated experience of interiors and exteriors of the vertical axis and the horizontal axis. By attending to and integrating both, we can ensure that we can coach people to go as deep as they dare (ensuring a life rich in meaning) and as far as they desire, ensuring they can achieve and make the impact that they long to.

Life is an integrated experience combining the conscious space we operate from and the visions we aspire to create. By attending to and integrating both areas we can go as deep as we dare and achieve the impact we aspire to.


This approach is something that makes Self Craft’s Creator Coaching unique. We are equally focused on people’s inner experience of life and their effectiveness in core areas of life. This is where the spiritual meets the practical. This is where someone can harmonize their personal and professional aspirations. This is where people can focus on how they can effectively create lives rich in money and meaning. Most of all, this is where people can be supported to have lives of deep wellbeing and profound contribution.

True power is going after your dreams while being and giving your best every step with every breath


As coaches our core focus is to support you to Awaken Awareness, Radically Release limiting patterns and beliefs, and Consciously Create your life.

Within Creator Coaching, the coaching relationship begins with a focus on bringing your awakened nature to whatever is of most importance to you.

Awakening awareness is always the first step. With awareness, you can consciously choose what you want to maintain and what you’d prefer to release and let go of.

As you master the ability to awaken awareness and radically release, you will naturally intuit how to consciously create your inner state, your thoughts, beliefs, speech, actions, relationships and projects, in ways that bring you deep fulfillment and empower your contributions to others and the world.

We call this process of Awakening Awareness, Radically Releasing and Consciously Creating, the ARC of Creation.

Learn more about what coaching means to us on the link below.