A Theraparty is a conscious and ecstatic celebration of life!

You will dance, you will play, you will sing, and dive deep, creating new possibilities.

From peak states come new insights and new possibilities. And this is the name of the game: insight into action!


We joke that ‘Theraparty” puts ‘art’ back into ‘therapy.’ It terms of how it’s spelled, it literally does! However, the emphasis of these events is on the party. The therapeutic aspect is a by-product of having a great time, engaging in conscious creation, and taking the fruits of the experience back into our lives. 

For years we were told by countless people there is something uniquely special about the way we host parties. It took some time to realize how we could combine how we party with how we work. The synthesis is sublime!

We have created an alchemical formula that guarantees people:

  • Get playful, drop habitual masks and have fun!
  • Experience authentic, deep and easy connection with others.
  • Activate their full expressive potential!
  • Tap into their wisdom, gaining insight into key areas of life.
  • Recognize how they can put ther insight into action

The central idea is to enliven, awaken, release and create. Or, put another way, have fun, connect deeply, party hard, and pay the joy forward!

We all love to have a good time. We also all love to do good. What could be more natural or rewarding than bringing these experiences together!


While specifics may change depending on who is facilitating, here’s some of what that it can look like in action:

4Welcoming circle and speed dating style get-to-know-yous

4Chakra Dance and free movement

4Games from the playground and from the theatre

4Call and response, chanting and world music songs

4Deep personal and interpersonal meditative processes

4Brief breathwork sessions to enliven and activate

4Generative dialogue and getting into action then and there

4Honoring of one another for all we’ve created and shared


As with all our events, you’ll experience a welcoming, fun and caring space that brings forth freedom and authenticity. You will be invited to fully let go, let your inner wild child play, dance and sing…literally!

Within minutes of the group coming together, you will see eyes come alive as the magic of games makes kids of us all. And once we have laughed, danced, sweated and raised the roof with our voices, you’ll experience amazing depths of honesty, insight and creativity as we move into the reflective phase of our time together.

You will identify actions you can take to pay forward the joy that you feel ensuring the magic of the Theraparty goes out beyond the venue and our time together. The excitement of being a part of a large group committing to ‘angelic’ actions is something else!


We will be announcing dates in the coming weeks for our return to Australia in March through June of 2018. Please check back in soon!

As old hands in the realms of transformational work, we have seen the need for processes that are at once sacred, playful and practical.

We have created unique means for igniting the inner spark, deepening awareness, expanding the field of possibility, and ensuring this is married to practical steps that translate inner shifts into tangible transformations in key areas of life.

Our promise is this work will bring you vitality, clarity and confidence, and leave you ready to meet life as an all-the-more empowered Creator.