Creator Workshops are fun! Empowering. Spiritual. Practical. And fun!

Through games, dance, meditations, and dialogue you’ll enliven your creative power and tap your inner wisdom.

You’ll have a ball, gain inspiring clarity and turn your insight into meaningful action.


The group element of a workshop environment has a unique capacity to inspire courage, momentum and commitment to new possibilities.

You will experience a space that is welcoming, playful, encouraging and honest. You will explore key principles of creation and approach your life as a creative act.

With an ease that may surprise you, you will access new depths of insight, pathways to making meaningful changes in your life and confidence in bringing your visions to fruition. 

You will also experience the buzz of collective action! On the day of the workshop, everyone will reach out to one or more key people in their lives ensuring you all take the fruits of this experience back into your everyday life…and inspire one another to dare greatly in the process.


Here’s some of what that looks like in action:

  • Deep meditative and visualization processes
  • Feeling into and clarifying your heart’s longing
  • Generative dialogue in small and larger groups
  • Games that activate the big conscious kid within
  • Owning and releasing Blame and Shame to free ourselves of limiting BS!
  • Relating to life and goals playfully
  • The use of strategic creative tools that align long and short term goals with actions that can be taken now
  • Making a stand about what you bring to life
  • Integrating a mindset that transforms challenges into opportunities, opportunities into action.


There are so many benefits that come from Creator work. You will:

4Gain surefire strategies for creating your life powerfully

4Deepen your experience of peace, acceptance and love

4Learn powerful tools for mastering your mind

4Experience deep, authentic connection

4 Envisage ways to honor key relationships

4Activate your inner child, aka the playful kid within!

4Develop a mindset that turns ‘tragedies’ into comedies

4Develop a problems into opportunities mindset

4Gain a revitalized relationship to your imagination

4Discover new possibilities for key dimensions of your life

4Become an increasingly powerful creator of life!


We will be announcing dates in the coming weeks for our return to Australia in March through June of 2018. Please check back in soon!

The Creator Workshop experience will stay with you well after the day ends. You will integrate a process for awakening awareness, radically releasing limiting thoughts and behaviors, and stepping into meaningful action.

As old hands in the realms of transformational work, we have seen the need for processes that are at once sacred, playful and practical.

We have created unique means for igniting the inner spark, deepening awareness, expanding the field of possibility, and ensuring this is married to practical steps that translate inner shifts into tangible transformations in key areas of life.

Our promise is this work will bring you vitality, clarity and confidence, and leave you ready to meet life as an all-the-more empowered Creator.